1. If the parents were settled in the UK, which effectively means they had been in the UK for 5 years, or they became settled and filed the correct paperwork, the child would automatically be a British citizen.

  2. Witness for the dead by Katherine adderson. It's a sequel but also kind of stand alone. Unusual world building.

  3. As a cyclist who does not, has never, and does not intend to own a car, this has nothing to do with "encouraging people not to drive to the centre." That was the congestion charge.

  4. The ULEZ was forced on London by Grant Chaps as part of the TFL bailout in order to make Khan unpopular right?

  5. I know it’s probably not the best source, but this site seems to claim otherwise:

  6. This article on healthline could be useful for a person who wants to know if the relationship they in is healthy or not. I wouldn't rely on it from a legal perspective. Anyone can write anything on the internet, even websites that should know better.

  7. These fossils really do think that they're still living in the 70s/80s. The Jacob grees-smoggs, bojo etc, still haven't clicked that there's a communication Revolution happened/happening and they can't just feed as any old b******* and control the narrative through the old media avenues anymore, not without being questioned.

  8. This is about a story in the daily telegraph, which is part of some internal tory party faction fight. While we may be interested in the contents of these messages, you should know that the best modern media manipulators in the world work for these people and this is that.

  9. His WhatsApp says different, do these idiots honestly believe we are all dementia ridden illiterate idiots?

  10. He seems to be claiming that the message archive was altered before the telegraph got it.

  11. Surgical masks are designed to prevent you from infecting other people. Before this covid BS they were worn by medical staff so that they didn't give already weak patients their diseases and Japanese people with colds.

  12. Surgical masks maybe, but FFP2/FFP3/N95/N99 masks have been shown to be able to filter viruses like covid. As long as you wear them properly (which, granted, many people don't), I don't see why they wouldn't protect you.

  13. This is a discussion about masks worn by the public during the 2020 pandemic. Those were really only available to medical and industrial professionals during that period.

  14. It's a riff on stories involving loops/repetitions, ie, Re:Zero

  15. Originally a lot of this writing culture might have come out of pre-internet tech like usenet which is basically email where you'd serialize a story by replying to your previous thread like

  16. HL allow you to buy bonds and you get face value when they expire as well as coupon but they don't sell them at face value.

  17. Those people aren't Tankies though. In what way would any serious 70s-British-Trade-Unionism-Should-Never-Have-Died Marxist say "it's so great that the EU allows capital to have an every shifting pool of casualised workers who can be ported wherever operations are cheapest at the drop of a hat"?

  18. It's arguable that the economy can be more efficient if labour can move from where it is not needed to the places that need it most.

  19. Thanks for a thoughtful reply - I'll digest it.

  20. The article says the drug isn't available to existing patients only new patients. She already had a treatment plan because she was diagnosed before it was approved, ergo she doesn't qualify.

  21. I think he's made his choice. The document is signed.

  22. Why in particular? It has seemed like everything made by Google is getting steadily worse lately, but I'm not sure who's responsible.

  23. I think the creaking we are seeing is, a lot of these FAANGS are one public relations disaster from serious government intervention and already seeing various buisness model breaking regulations and court cases dripping in on them.

  24. Your partner *may* be able to sponsor you as a dependent even if you are not married. This will involve a certain amount of effort from both of you. It's a german law question so try an immigration reddit for the details. Once you are in Germany legally as their dependent you may be able to work legally.

  25. You are saying that you recieved an email, and after you opened it:

  26. It is possible that you could apply for the same role at a new company and use your current salary to negotiate more money than you are currently on.

  27. I think it's about gaming the valuation metrics. A flat can be described as "2 bed 1 bath" and ensuring increasing the number of bathrooms increases the valuation.

  28. This is why, when looking, we used the square footage on the energy efficiency certificates.

  29. If you are shipping high value items (random clothes usually fine anyway) then at least for some countries if you fill out a form before you fly, you can send a package as "part of your luggage" and not have to pay tax on the content.

  30. For me the main one is electoral reform. He spoke very specifically about the subject, sounding sincere enough to be invited to speak at the Electoral Reform Society where he delivered this lovely little nugget

  31. The electoral reform thing does look very cynical. It's one of these things that parties always support when they aren't likely to get a majority then forget about when first past the post suddenly benifits them.

  32. Seems extremely optimistic given I'm not sure the UK has had the highest sustained growth amongst advanced economies since the nineteenth century. Still at least there's some ambition.

  33. On the bright side, being behind is easier to improve than being ahead.

  34. The game pv doesn't show how to play the game, so people don't expect the game very much, because most of the adaptation games of online novels are terrible. Besides Klein, my favorite character is "Azik Eggers". Chinese fans call him "Dad". Because he is really great, he is very reliable and brings a sense of security to our protagonist. Every time he comes out, I think, "Klein won't be in danger again." I haven't read western web novels,It seems that there are not many people who like reading online novels over there. There are too many webnovels in China, so People never lack new novels to read.Therefore, few people read overseas web novels. Some people translate Japanese web novels, but no one translates American or European web novels. If possible, you can recommend some.

  35. In terms of the western scene, we have a subculture of imitating asian web novels - I'd recomend the site Royal Road. There is not really a culture of making money out of these things so the quantity is smaller. There are some gems here - I've been enjoying stories like Noblebright and others by the same author recently and there was a big "dungen core" trend like Blue Core that wasn't explored as much in asian novels really.

  36. In other markets, where these kinds of company structure are more common, holding companies that hoard cash and don't show any signs of distributing or re-investing it see the cash discounted and trade for less than their assets... after all cash is worth nothing to investors if they are never going to see it.

  37. Or they could just enforce the ban on selling vapes to under 18s rather then ban adults from having somthing because the government thinks it's just for kids. I'm 26 and get ID'd when buying knives still because the shops and workers know it's not worth the risk, make the vape shops just as concerned and then grown ass adults can continue to make their own choices.

  38. Something to be said for raising the age for all nicotine products by 1 year every year until the problem goes away.

  39. This research was self-selecting and only looked at c60 companies. Only those employers who thought their business model might accommodate it, took part.

  40. The productivity measure compared the worst months of covid to strongest period of recovery. They asked a recording studio that was not operating during covid if its revenue improved after it you know, re-opened, and called that a productivity improvement.

  41. The "digital ID" seems to simply be a database with an ID number, name and biometrics that can be used to verify that you are that name.

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