1. I used to stealth kill zombies with a Bayonet back before they changed the animations again. But ita still viable if used properly

  2. It's never a BAD time to get into Dayz. The devs are only making it better and better with each update. That being said there is a MAJOR update coming on 10/19 and they will WIPE all progress the day before that. So don't get TOO attached to anything just yet. They usually do 2 wipes a year with major updates. But use the next couple weeks to learn the game and get used to playing it and then on the update you and everyone else will.be on completely even playing field!

  3. Respectable, more ammo for one gun that way

  4. I'll bring a Mosin too if I think I'll need it. But this way I have open back slot if I find something else, and having less ammo types to lug around REALLY saves on weight.

  5. It's pretty well optimized too. Like the frames are very stable unless it's going nuts with smokes and tracers and explosions. Yeah I'll have some sound tears everyone one and a few hundred games, but for being on a last Gen console it works really well. I am however always jealous when my friends with series X share their clips and it's Crisp 1080p HD 60 FPS. Reminds me of being the broke kid playing CS1.6 on the family computer with the big boys 🤣🤣

  6. The man who sold the world - Nirvana unplugged edition is way, way up there for best music my ears have heard. That baseline instantly starts playing in my head. The voice crack on the very first word, oh baby.

  7. That's what I love the most about Nirvana, the imperfections. Their unplugged album is easily top 3 favorite albums of all time for me.

  8. Also, teamwork makes the dream work, but DO NOT clusterfuck. Stay 10 to 15 feet apart and everyone watch a slightly different angle. Using bounding cover. Maybe have a marksman or gunner as over watch when traversing wider open areas. On defense don't be afraid to set up a little ways away from the objective as long as you're close enough to get in there when you need to. But 75% of the game is being able to know where the next fight is coming from.

  9. Use an LMG with a bipod and a 4x scope. Set up in a lane or somewhere with a good sight line. Profit.

  10. I've definitely played with and against you before. Recognize the gamer tag. Good stats my dude.

  11. This game is so laggy on Xbox x I gave up would get geared up and armed to the teeth and die outta no where

  12. I play on last Gen xbox and have no problems. Is it your internet?

  13. Dayz released at a "low" point in comparison to industry standards, but they have worked continously to make it better. Yeah there are still issues, and bugs and some things don't work quite right. But considering they completely switched engines for the full release, and the small team and low budget by comparison to most of those AAA studios they have continued to improve and work with the community to make the game better than ever. Dayz is such a unique kind of game and the Dev team do their best to make it better with every update.

  14. released a bit worse than low bro cmon, they cashed in years early on one of the most undeveloped alphas i’ve ever seen, for them to call it an alpha was an insult. how the game was during .60 was how the game should have released in 2013

  15. I've only played since stand alone. Which is how they released the game. Yeah .60-1.0 was dope but I never had a PC so I only know of it through streams. I was speaking from my experience buying the game post launch, and playing the console alpha.

  16. I honestly can't wait for the humvee, now I can experience the horrors of PMCS and terrible quality control of parts in game and IRL!

  17. Lmao trueee now we can experience owning a humvee like the marines do! Find your own parts and prey you can fix whatever fucks up all while some random assholes are taking pot shots at your ass.

  18. Conformation ? By who.. until devs confirm it’s all speculation

  19. They confirmed it, humvee on Tiktok and Vehicle update during a live stream

  20. It's more of his take on a withcer based class. A ranger with mutations pretty much.

  21. From the few months I've been into modding, they are absolutely a chore. It would require a whole new "bullet" class that actually works with slow projectiles and shows a proper arrow model rather than just a thin trail of smoke and/or tracer. Plus, there is no animation they could base the bow on, so that's another huge thing they'd have to do. I can only imagine the hours if work that go into animating something like that. Even the bow and arrow from a rather big modpack doesn't have proper animations.

  22. Luckily, with the addition of the grenade launcher, hopefully some modders can take the code from the GL which is a slower moving actual projectile with a hitbox, and make a crossbow or some such using that as a base

  23. I mean that's fair, I don't touch PVP at all and I was just helping my SO get The medallion part but whatever.

  24. Na man play how you want. Some people are just dicks about weapon arts cuz they can't counter them in pvp. And so therefore they think the way you play is wrong.

  25. I don’t think you can counter black knife ash but moonveil with carian retaliatory parry is easy fight

  26. There's a pretty big tell and window. You can atleast dodge it most of the time and if you can get close you can absolutely counter it.

  27. I have my quarrels with the DayZ development choices, all of which can be solved with mods. But to think that they haven't fixed day one bugs is incorrect. The game has developed so much from when I used to play years ago. There are no gamebreaking bugs and the little issues like these really are little now

  28. Hell its even improved on consoles since it dropped there, and they definitely focus on PC more. The thing is the game has improved by leaps and bounds, some updates more than others. And this isn't even a big deal, everyone knows by now not to run down these steps, ya kinda can't do that in real life either ya know? Espically not when you're 40 feet up lol.

  29. As a gamer who doesn't like platformers, fuck that god damn place so hard.

  30. It's one of the best stories of our time. The 3 movies are on Netflix. They cover entire story of the Band of the Hawk.

  31. I know. I watched the anime (although i hate that they didn't continue the manga or anime) I just didn't know that there are so obvious Berserk references. I knew about Blaidd kinda representing Guts and about those fields of swords. I didn't know that there is a whole band of the hawk reference. Pretty cool

  32. The Manga is continuing! But yeah, there are tons of references in Dark souls and Elden ring to Berserk. Artorias of the Abyss is basically the Berserk Armir design wise, the blacksmiths all very similar to Godot, the prisoner equipment is very similar to Griffiths prisoner clothes. The dark mark is the brand of Sacrifice etc. Etc. There's a whole bunch throughout the series and elden ring.

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