1. Oh dude that looks so odd! I've always wondered if growing multiple in a pot is viable. I shall be watching this with great interest!

  2. It's not. This might be alright due to the sheer size but most of the time the plants will fight for nutrients. Essentially 1 will thrive while the others starve.

  3. Hit up superstore wholesale and buy meat in bulk and cut it yourself. 1/4 the cost. Other than that good luck besides your own garden.

  4. I appreciate your concern but curiosity killed the… ahh shit

  5. Fair enough. Can I at least ask what your goal is? Stronger more intense visuals? Many potent shrooms at a decent dose will get you well past what you could handle. Mandle times off my enigma or apes I say "I definitely didn't need this much" as I can't see shit for hours. More intense than acid.

  6. Heard itll be easier on my tummy. I got IBS . I just wanna see. I know these APEs gonna slap regardless

  7. Yea they will. Ever try lemon tekk? I used to do that but now I use lactose free milk to wash it down. Settles the stomach to.

  8. They all look yellow and dying. Wait until they fill those cups up. Work on those seedlings first.

  9. Define safe. You won't die but can't guarantee you won't do something stupid while on them haha.

  10. Absolutely. Mushies once to twice a month keep me more sane and normal than I've ever been. Completely content.

  11. I get blobs first flush as well. More surface evaporation and Patience.

  12. Haha what happens to the pot height? Rootbound in no time. Can't flower like that.

  13. Get a sterilized bag of grain or if you have a pressure cooker look up how to clean, soak, boil and pressure cook grain for inoculation. Heat syringe tip till red. Let cool and somewhere sterile with no air inject into the bag or jar lid you make. 1cc per quart is normal. Once around 30% colonized break and shake the grain up. Let colonize. Before spawn you can grain to grain transfer for almost infinite mycelium. I use cvg for substrate in monotubs. Garbage bag liners, cut to fit.

  14. Doesn't make it stronger per say. Just hits full blast right away instead of 1 to 3 hours digestion then peak. Wears off quicker to. I used to lemon tekk everytime, now I enjoy the ride more.

  15. did you make tissue samples to keep up the genes? these look great

  16. I kept 1 master jar yes. Takes forever to grow. Have enough for a year probably haha.

  17. Wait for most of those big ones veils to open. Another day most likely and the caps will flatten out more to as you described. So close growmie. Looks great.

  18. That's not an absurd amount. Depends on experience and tolerance for starters. 7g of enigma now that's a wild ride.

  19. the difficulty depends pretty heavily on your build, tho it's overall a tough fight for sure

  20. I agree. I started off as sorcerer. Switched to str build with greatsword and God damn, never looked back. Face rolling guys.

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