1. You could try skimming. Or reading the last few paragraphs. Let me.. do that for you:

  2. No, I think Tiananmrn was a hox. It was western propaganda.

  3. Projection. There was supposed to be a red wave. It turned out be a trickle.

  4. Well the reality is that they fall off quick. OBJ is coming off his third (I think) major injury. He's probably done in a couple of seasons due to age and injuries.

  5. And he will most likely have blown all the money he made and end up in debt with few job prospects.

  6. I’m still just amazed that, when I drive through the really ritzy rich peoples’ neighborhoods in Georgia, the number of “Herschel” signs in front of houses owned by people who would NEVER invite the man into their homes is just phenomenal.

  7. I fear you may be indoctrinated. Are you aware of everything Trump did for Israel?

  8. You're going to get down voted to hell in this sub.

  9. Man. I wish Trump didn't announce his campaign so early. Too many speculative news stories about him now.

  10. The best case scenario is that Trump, in his final act of craziness, runs as a 3rd party candidate, syphons off votes from DeSantis and creates chaos for Republicans in 2024.

  11. This is actually good advice if you have a wood stove and not much else. Leave a brick on it to heat and wrap it in a towel to take to bed with you.

  12. Nikita must be screaming from Detroit right now, or wherever she moved off to

  13. A lesson on pronouns for you. Detroiters don't know how lucky they are.

  14. This is just classic anti-China bandwagon. The reality is that these lockdown meassures are based on 3 key facts that you cannot fully grasp if tou are from the west:

  15. Because they can't afford to let covid rip through their population. There are a shit ton of people there and their hospitals couldn't at all deal with the sheer amount of sick people.

  16. The US has had staggering progress throughout its history. Consider that, during Jim Crowe, white America built the most powerful middle class in human history. Then we ended Jim Crowe and fucked over the middle class.

  17. I meant that your use of of language needs an overhaul.

  18. Are you insane? We need these people here to advocate for the impractical gondola we need between downtown and West Seattle!

  19. Impractical or not, a gondola ride would be fun.

  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/SeattleWA/comments/z4w5ns/seattle_wa_airport_earlier_today_a_man_was/

  21. For the curious, the green, white and red sauces represent the colors of the flag of his native Bulgaria.

  22. Lionel Messi. I just read his Wikipedia page.

  23. Aside from the issues having a 25,000+ foot elevation difference in terms of line of sight caused with roaming back when roaming was a big deal with carriers.

  24. Charge you money for roaming outside of you standard coverage plan. If you can beat the roaming charges by maintaining an in-area tower longer...they feel cheated.

  25. That's ridiculous. You should be able to go from one of their towers to the next from one end of the country to the other.

  26. It's an extremely messed up country but apparently improving with the help of NGOs.

  27. Here’s a better article which has pictures of the actual snake instead of a stock photo showing a completely different type of python.

  28. This sub is for people who are tired of the crime and homelessness and the other sub is for people who would rather stick their heads in the sand and pretend Seattle is as beautiful as Portland.

  29. Read the Portland sub. It's a mirror image of Seattle. The homeless problem is every bit as bad there if not worse. It's to the point where the mayor is going to attempt to ban camping on public property.

  30. Tbh, starting a fight at a wedding isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The fight itself is great, but the vibe never really recovers and it ruins the rest of the night.

  31. Incarcerated but not yet convicted. That was one filthy rabbit hole. He will hopefully die in prison.

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