1. So long as Fredo the Pedo doesn't invade your dreams, I think you'll be okay.

  2. It won't happen. Freddy don't appear enough to appear in someone's dream lol

  3. I'm convinced that my mmr revolves around what challenge I have on and its so annoying like yesterday, i had stun the killer x number of times and got put against nothing but nemesis' and nurses.

  4. If you get the killer to vault even once, you won that match.

  5. It's rare I accidentally vault when picking someone up but when it does happen I feel such a fool lol

  6. I’d be happy with any conversation rate, but 1000 seems steep for BHRV.

  7. Agreed, for one you'd be buying up cosmetics too fast

  8. Head on, flashbang, decisive strike (because you will be tunneled), 4th perk optional but blast mine or another stun perk are best.

  9. I managed to do the challenge, I got quite lucky it was against PH I stunned him with a Blast Mine without getting caught then Blast Mined again but got caught on the second lol he then tunneled me I got the DS and then Head On and then got mori'd xD

  10. I got it with head on! I had a buddy help me with locker baits in chases.

  11. I managed to do it, it was against PH i got two Blast Mine explosions a DS and then a Head On

  12. Ohhhh.. yeah my friends dont like this game so I'm always solo queuing lol. And I know me tea bagging the killer is "bad mannered" but I'd rather tea bag the killer to get his attention so I can loop him and waste time than watch my 3 teammates all stay within a 20 meter radius of each other constantly trading hits from the killer and getting no gen progress done. Solo queue is fun :)

  13. Do you really need to teabag tho? I play both sides (more survivor than killer) but when I'm being chased by a killer I never teabag cus if I get the killers attention he ain't leaving until he gets frustrated from not being able to catch me. If you teabag to simply piss off the killer you're just a douche

  14. That's why I tea bag. The killers eventually realize that they should go stop gen progress instead of focusing on one person so I try to extend the chase by tea bagging. I dont just spam it on every pallet like some people but I'll definitely taunt them a little when the chase is coming to an end

  15. Hmm I guess, I don't personally it gives me time to calm down and relax a bit lol

  16. It's so bright on Xbox, I never know weather to hide there or not when the killer is coming upstairs lol

  17. We shouldn't be surprised by this. They've done a cross over before. The Trapper was in a limited time game mode in For Honor a while ago.

  18. If it was gonna be any medieval game I woulda thought It would have been Dark Souls or Eldenring

  19. One of the biggest killers are the survivors themselves.

  20. I always thought a series would be good like an American horror story esc thing like each season could feature 2 different killers and 8 survivors and the seasons to be 6 and 8 episodes a piece.

  21. What is hyperfocus plus toolbox? I use hyperfocus and it's hard enough to get value out of it. Let go and tokens gone. Good skill check and tokens gone. It's not meta at all.

  22. The combo stakeout + hyperfocus is the meta atm cus stakeout changes good skillchecks to great skill checks which allows for much faster gen progression alot of ppl are using that combo.

  23. I use that as well but it really isn't meta. It's more of a meme. And with stealth killers stakeout doesn't even work.

  24. The problem with Prove thyself for a solo q like me is it seems rare for ppl to actually jump on the same gen as me. I do run that perk sometimes but alot of ppl are unreliable and that perk tends to rely on others to work while I'm in the terror radius alot of the game so I get more use out of stakeout

  25. It's still listed as 4%, and it checks out, this was my first self unhook ever.

  26. It would be nice that if a killer is hard facecamping the % chance increased of a self unhook the longer the killer is in proximity, with it increasing more the closer the killer is to the hook (with exception of endgame hooks)

  27. I'm using Dead by Daylight Icon Toolbox, and it's not bannable! It gives you an array of options for your icons and character portraits from different artists

  28. I had this happen to me today I was the second to last person I got downed and the feng kept getting me up and then the killer would down me but lose the feng, over and over this happened so I said fuck it, I DC'd to not only spite the killer leaving me slugged but in hopes the hatch would spawn for the feng and its exactly what happened I was so happy that the tryhard proxy camping huntress didn't get the satisfaction of the 4k even tho 1st person DC'd at the beginning cus the huntress proxy camped/tunneled them aswell as the second person and then slugged me.

  29. The Endgame is still the actual game? Hello? This isn't a wild take, it's a braindead one.

  30. I agree, what would he have killers do at endgame with someone hooked? Stand in a corner and allow an easy save? I play both sides so I know how frustrating it is for both sides but it's like some ppl don't realise once all the gens are completed the killer has no more tasks so if someone's hooked there is no reason to leave the hooked person.

  31. It's also not that fun to play survivor right now too lol. Back when I played all the time before MMR got added in, I played both sides with a lean on Killer since I'd just play killer if I wasn't playing with my Ex. Came back and the 100% bp on survivor has kept me playing just survivor, but even that's a fucking struggle to keep doing. Hard tunneled most games, camping half the games, running into terror radius+ perks & starstruck on high mobility killers at near constant makes doing anything a pain.

  32. Can't say it better myself, I have the challenge to bring only selfcare and escape 1 time and I've been tunneled out and camped so many times it's not even funny.

  33. Tbh I have loads left and I'm being stingy I use one every now and then or when I've been tunneled and camped out like 3/5 games in a row

  34. Noone really likes a blendette :/ there is a stereotype that Claudettes tend to just hide all game/ selfcare in the corner of the map and tend to be all round bad sports (personally don't think that) just seen a lot of posts about this subject

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