1. There is no way I could get all my crap unpacked in 12 sessions I totally get you there! However I wouldn't totally pass on that either. Free is free!

  2. I think you already realize this part about yourself which is the first step.....as corny as that sounds.

  3. I want to hit stuff with a foam bat here in my home. To healthily get my frustrations and anger out. Anyone have a specific product they’d recommend? I’m looking at the Nerf bat and a Franklin bat.

  4. Idk about them but you have to be willing to possibly destroy it. If you want a DIY version you can make one. I went cheap and put a wood dowel in a pool noodle. I simply cut the pool noodle to the hollow core.....put in the wood dowel......and zip tied it double at the ends and probably one every 5". Then cut the zip tie excess off and used a lighter to melt the pointy nub remaining. (Depending on your age ask for help from an adult and maybe use the lighter outdoors)

  5. Today I had my first therapy session!! It was a short 30minute "get-to-know" online session, where i talked about my problems. Yesterday before the session I was really anxious. And the days before really sad about myself. The session itself was good.

  6. They are careful how they respond early on before they get to know you. They try to remain neutral since they don't want to undermine your feelings OR blow something out of proportion if you don't feel that strongly to the issues. Usually by session 2-3 you get more of an idea.

  7. Not sure where you're from, but New York just settled a case stating that the firing of NY employees that did not get vaccinated was unlawful, and they were ordered to pay back pay. I think it sets an important precedent for the future of litigation on this subject.

  8. I'm from Wisconsin. Oh wow I didn't hear about that thanks for the info!

  9. https://nypost.com/2022/10/25/judge-tosses-nyc-vaccine-mandate-orders-workers-backpay/

  10. I wonder if that has something to do with what happened with my jobs decisions. Thanks for the link!

  11. Being in your head is often a coping tool. Closing the right eye while processing can help diminish the overactive analytical brain.

  12. What really? Just simply closing one eye can make a difference? Do you know the science behind that? Yeah I now pretty much just do it without feeling it much in the body. I no longer focus on that and just process the memories. It seems to work for me. I feel it in the body just not as much as others say.

  13. I've searched a bunch in my local area and looked at their backgrounds, areas of expertise, etc... But none of them seem like a good fit / step up from my previous guy. Do you know if there's any websites to put an ad out and the therapist who think they would be a good fit come and reach out to you?

  14. No, not that I know of. Maybe ask others who go to therapy who is a good one or maybe ask your GP.....idk.

  15. Well it was free , used it all up on him, new ones won't be. Btw do you know what I should be expecting for the price?

  16. TLDR-Money doesn't mean anything. Look at training and areas of interest. You can only get so much of a feel for them online. Pick 3+ and set appointments. Budget for about $1K if not using insurance....and depending on area. For a T not a psychiatrist. They are REALLY expensive.

  17. I’ve told mine early on. I even tell my T when I have smoked before a session and/or if I’m currently high during a session(it’s only weed, nothing more). My T doesn’t care, and actually, they’re an advocate for it and even a medical user themselves. For me, being a stoner is part of me, so I felt the want and need to mention it.

  18. Wow I've already had 2 Ts say it I come in visible stoned they will have to cancel my appointment that day since there is some ethical crap about not doing therapy with someone on something.

  19. I always thought therapy meets people where they’re at. But, I’m actually very productive when high- I think better, more critically, and open up more. Now, would I go completely stoned, nah. There’s buzz about this, out there. I don’t think it’s as taboo as before, especially since so many people have legit medical reasons to use it.

  20. Oh I'm all for the right to smoke or use mushrooms for there mental health. I see little difference than taking a prescription antianxiety med. (Personally I feel it's safer)

  21. Hard to say. If you really want to protect the teacher I would refuse to say the school, the teachers name, or what they taught.

  22. I can see how at face value this sounds pretty cold and like a stock answer not personalized for you.

  23. I struggle with this also. My T(s) throughout my life have pretty much said if it happened extremely young like under 4~5 years old you may have not made a full memory of it and only have feelings or broken memories. If you were older you may have blacked out which you won't be able to ever recall (according to one T) or may have blanked out which might come back to you as you process when your brain thinks you can handle it.

  24. Yes, I understand that. 1 specific one I was speaking with was a psychiatrist who was doing the meds. The rest were therapist.

  25. Not to nit pick but therapists can't (in the USA at least) prescribe meds of any kind. However a psychiatrist can.

  26. I tries to do that (maybe not as firmly as I should?) and it didn't lead to much; if anything I feel she's getting further away from what I'm saying (why push me to get a temp/seasonable job?)

  27. If you want to give her a last shot you need to be direct. I understand it is difficult. Maybe put it in an email if that's allowed. However it is if you want to try and make it work it needs to be clear.....clear as glass.

  28. (I posted this just before the last thread was taken down - hope it's okay to post again here)

  29. At 18 you are technically a man but brain isn't fully developed. Brain fully develops around 24-27 years old. Try to force yourself into uncomfortable events to prove to the brain it's not dangerous.

  30. I have seen maybe 10 psychiatrists in my life. One was decent. The rest were insensitive, incompetent jerks. The absolute worst two were when I was inpatient. I do not understand what draws these people into the field. My suspicion is they are unable to succeed in any other area of med school so they go into psychiatry because then they don't really have to practice hardcore medicine or have legitimate medical skills. Sadly, they seem to have zero training on how to work with actual living, suffering humans.

  31. It takes drive to do all the schooling. Some people who have that drive want the power of having the title. Just like the police, special forces, government positions, bosses etc. It's a lot of work to get there but the reward is what these people want so they are driven to go the extra mile.

  32. They mirror you to replicate what happens when y'all are on the same page.

  33. Totally makes sense. I get on one hand I needed to be pushed and it was warranted that he did push. On the other hand, the way it was handled I didn’t appreciate after a while. I think I would have liked it better if it was expressed in a way that wasn’t like he was angry.

  34. That angry part is where the filter wasn't up to snuff. He shouldn't have not done it at all. He simply should of worded it better. Words are one of things that largely separates a T from a parent or loved one. They can want you to improve the same way but the difference is how they approach it.

  35. Yeah I immediately told her next session that I was seriously considering finding a new therapist. Of course, she was like “tell me more about that.” We had a good discussion lol

  36. Hahahaha what a T thing to say! That's good though. It's probably more healthy to work through that since everyone in our life's won't maintain the filter most Ts have. It's not really reasonable. So good on you for being able to and her for allowing it.

  37. That doesn't sound right. If they take a call you shouldn't have to guess if it was important. They should SAY this is an emergency I'm sorry I need to take it and preferably leave or have you leave so you can't hear the convo. If they didn't explicitly apologize and say it was an emergency then it's likely not. (Although I can't say for sure)

  38. It is and to add they still shouldn't give your name or anything identifiably to the others when they ask. So if you were in a line up with the other clients they shouldn't know it's you specifically that your T was talking about.

  39. I do it often and have heard that possibility. My T said it can be but it also can just be the style of communication. (I am usually joking with people I know)

  40. I got old enough that I don't think about it quite as much as when I was younger. Although on difficult topics the voice changes time or volume. Although so do most people. In fact it's part of body language....one of the things investigators pickup on as a possible sign.

  41. My T required it during the initial paperwork. I don't think they would let me remove it without a replacement but I suppose you could lie.

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