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  1. I am fighting to clean up this sort of nonsense at my current company. If i had a dollar for every time i heard an old engineer or middle manager stare some confidently incorrect garbage about "security", I'd have enough money to buy the company and fire all thier willfully ignorant asses. /Rant

  2. Gotta keep the guberment from deactivating the control chips inside them plastic guns with their 5G! /fudd

  3. I’ve been very pleased with my leather belts from northstar leather. He uses the same leather Red wing uses, and does custom work. If you search reddit for northstar leather, you can read about other people’s experiences.

  4. Can confirm, northstar makes good stuff at a good price. My belts and wallets will outlast their matching boots for sure.

  5. You cannot not count your apartment door as one of the locking containers because you do not have complete control over that lock. The apartment has access for inspections and maintenance. You will have to do something like put a locked document storage into a larger locked cabinet. You might be able to use a locked closet as one of your containers with a locked filing cabinet inside.

  6. Watch what happens if the 2nd generation (kids who never had to carry furniture) get hold of that contract. They'll strip that clause out in a *heartbeat* :-(

  7. In my experience the 2nd generation aren't all bad. Enough of them grew up watching the first generation struggle and understand. The 3rd generation are the universally shitty ones. In their mind, business has always been good and they're there to make it better. I'll never work for a third generation owner again.

  8. Tf is the internet obssesion with caracals?

  9. Hello! Welcome to your first day on the internet! The internet is a series of tubes designed to facilitate sending and receiving cat pictures. Would you like to know more?

  10. I feel it. But I have a few KP-15 sitting topless. A few KE sourced uppers sounds good.

  11. Topless!? How DARE you!? That is just inappropriate in polite company! /S

  12. It is spoiling the looks of an otherwise attractive car...

  13. For people confused by the high rib and high comb on the stock; trap is shot with a mounted gun and it’s always a rising target going away from you. High rib and high comb keep your head/eyes up so you can quickly and easily find the target. A trap gun will also shoot around 70/30 high. Go to a trap meet and this gun will be getting drooled over and definitely won’t look out of place.

  14. Thanks for the explanation. I've never shot trap. At first glance, the scaffolding bolted on top didn't make sense, but now i know.

  15. As someone that learned programming in the dinosaur days when keeping track of more than a few moving sprites was almost impossible, an indie team being able to do this level of massively parallel micro-simulation blows my mind.

  16. Can you also sue FOR HEARING DAMAGE? Thats crazy that they would do that.


  18. Huh? I don't think Sue has hearing damage, but i would be crazy if she said that.

  19. Nobody is asking the important question: is it hollow and can i put snacks inside?

  20. I also like how the terminator asked politely if he could see Sarah Connor ... before scanning the room and saying that iconic line "I'll be back"

  21. I used to like how the terminator asked politely if he could see Sarah Connor... Before scanning the room and saying that iconic line, "I'll be back". I still do, but i used to, too.

  22. Doesn't appear it's been driven much since it was new. Probably trailered it home from the dealer and stuck it in a climate-controlled garage.

  23. This is a small company that wants to fill a hatrack position. They need a bunch of roles filled but don't have enough work to keep someone occupied full time in any one of them, so they throw it all together.

  24. Is there a light weight mobile version for Spidermans? Spidermen? How does one pluralize Spiderman to accurately account for the multiverse, spiderverse, and assorted clones?

  25. The very first coat on my 70+ year walls was pea green. No primer, green is the bottom bottom.

  26. It might BE the primer. Primer wasn't always white back in the day

  27. As long as the werewolf was of age and was otherwise competent to give consent: Yes.

  28. Is a werewolf, in wolf form, competent to give consent? I would argue that most representations of wolf-form werewolves aren't. They are generally shown to have limited or no higher language skills. OPs example of Teen Wolf is an exception to that trope.

  29. It very efficiently turns large quantities of gasoline into large amounts of noise and heat with some torque as an occasionally useful byproduct.

  30. I feel like OP's definition of farm truck is not the same as most everyone else's

  31. I have so many questions. How does a 40 year old Soviet shit box end up in Cleveland? How is it so clean and still in driveable condition? What makes the seller think it is worth $10000? Is craigslist the best marketplace for something so oddly specific?

  32. I haven’t watched Se7en in a few years but I thought you did find out what was in the box

  33. It is strongly implied to be the wife's head, but the viewer never sees the inside of the box, just the reactions of the three characters.

  34. And if it's really really expensive equipment, pack it with a gun (in a legal way) because ain't no one losing a gun.

  35. Until your flight gets diverted to Newark and the Jersey cops arrest you for having a firearm without a Jersey permit

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