1. A lot of commenters have already stated points id make but should make a bonus round where it's 10 scps that resemble or at least link to the first 10 scps

  2. Galactus didn't die though, the Marvel Zombies became galactus after eating him.

  3. also holy shit I was scrolling your profile this sub is racist asf "pure aryan blood" nazi type shit

  4. My dude nowhere on the subs main page does it say nazi shit. And the description of the sub states all characters here are 18+

  5. I mean batman kicks through full grown oaks so don't count that out.

  6. I think it means it in the same way as "do you want these hands?"

  7. Does Hawkeye have trick arrows in any form. Even basic? Such as explosive or even grapple arrows

  8. Some girl I knew started talking to me. Then out of nowhere she sent my "nudes" (they weren't of me) and told me if I didn't give her 300 dollars she would leak them and ruin my life. The thing is I'm a minor, and if those are mine its child pornagraphy.

  9. Damn why did u accept sendin nudes in the first place

  10. I didn't. That's the thing, they were fake nudes. She made up a story about me having tried to ruin her life and threatened to send it out to make me out as the bad guy

  11. I mean if you’re gonna wank Superman far passed his base form sure. But he legit needed Wonder Woman and green lantern to help him pull the moon.

  12. My guy the superman in the comics right now has the combined strength of all past iterations. This isn't me wanking superman. This is a fact. Superman in the comics is composite superman thanks to some doctor Manhattan tampering. That superman from the Golden age where he is pulling dozens of planets and sneezing away solar systems is the one that is in the comics right now.

  13. Ahhhh more wanking. I didn’t say Superman isn’t composite rn. He currently is but Batman doesn’t have composite feats against him. With prep he hurt him. WITH PREP and a GLARING WEAKNESS. Something neither Shang Chi and BP have.

  14. Superman has powered through that weakness though multiple times. And it wasnt even prep to the same degree as other things hes done. He just has it there in his normal utility belt. a small amount of Kryptonite in a ring isn't normally enough to stagger or effect supes for long, that being enough to stagger superman was all because of Batmans punch.

  15. We what we know from Blonksy vs Hulk super soldiers can keep up with bloodlusted hulks for a short while. And since we know that She-Hulk can be hurt by vibranium that does give the edge to the super soldiers in round 2. Soooo-

  16. This gotta be the biggest reach. Because a super soldier managed to not be instantly annihilated that means Cap and Bucky and BP will all be able to survive her? On top of that just because she can be hurt by vibranium she loses? Like huh?

  17. The vibranium was just part of it. The fact that BP can knock down people like Cull Obsidian is the real change here. Since once she's down for even a few moments BP can gouge her eyes out or rip out her throat as I said before. I didn't say they'd all survive either. If anything I think it's very unlikely they'd get out unscathed. Buckys arm would've definitely been ripped off at some point and caps shield may break, but other than that i think it's a relatively easy fight compared to round 1

  18. It doesn’t say he is trapped in one day. It says he wakes up on the same day after dying when losing the war. And the commenter is saying that Allies morale would be lower if they were facing heavier losses. Imagine Dunkirk happening over and over. Their fighting spirit would go away pretty quickly.

  19. They said a groundhog day timeloop, which is the same day over and over again. So it would feel like one day to the Allies no matter what, unlike Hitler who would live one day over and over again

  20. Read the prompt again. Groundhog style loop but it only resets when he dies. So he isn’t stuck in a single day

  21. Well then even if that way Ally morale wouldn't really be a factor. Say Hitler goes for a long while. Say to the creation of the a-bomb. At some point the Allies will just drop a nuke on Hitler and then he dies. He gets sent back 5-6 years and then has to do it all again. At some point he will either go insane or rage quit like a gamer who died to the same dark souls boss for the 30th time.

  22. That only makes sense for physical attacks(1) and even then only if you assume entire body has the same durability(2). 1-most benders in avatar can easily die from their own attacks,or if you had light yagami write his own name he would die, or if someone had the power to create a blackhole the would also die from it.2-People can die from one punch to the right place in the back of the head.

  23. Once again this comes back to the gun argument. Benders use the elements as weapons same way regular humans use guns and martial weapons. And Light Yagami uses the death note as a weapon too. You don't seem to get that if say goku got hit with his own energy beam he could probably take it. Your argument (while logically sound) is still flawed in this situation

  24. I'm pretty sure they meant their own strength and durability. Galans power comes from himself so it wouldn't be a good example to say human with gun hurts themselves. If someone were to take a punch from themselves they would most likely be able to tank said hit

  25. Characters outside marvel can beat him. Dr. Manhattan, The Presence, The Writer, and maybe even characters like Grand Zeno can theoretically beat TOAA. Either that or while battling they end up breaking reality

  26. Why didn't strange just yknow- Chop off his arm with a portal?

  27. All I’m doing is following the rules of this sub. If you don’t like it, take it up with the mods. I, for one, ain’t wasting my time with people who can’t provide sources for their claims.

  28. Yet you ruin the fun for other people who have been shown bad or misunderstood certain information. Instead of calmly trying to explain it to them you are naturally antagonistic and just threaten them with reporting said person. When it's so much simpler to explain your things. Just following the rules (while often good) can be very annoying like any rules lawyer in a ttrpg. You threatening someone with a punishment for having bad information is even worse than downvoting a bad opinion or blatantly wrong statement.

  29. Not reading this as I’m not debating you. If you don’t like the rules, take it up with the mods. Bye bye~

  30. Not reading this because you aren't debating? Or not reading because the truth hurts? Anyways- that's your choice and I respect it. Have a good time being a rules lawyer

  31. I've never watched AOT but I feel like with Zaheer being able to suck the air from someone and one of the dudes being able to create Lava pools at will they should be able to take this? Idk tho so take everything I say with a grain of salt

  32. Sheesh. The thing is, I feel that they would put up a good fight and could possibly win, but the titans are large af (the colossal one is 60m, the others are 15-18m). I doubt Zaheer could just stay up in the air while taking smone's breath without getting smacked away like a mosquito.

  33. I mean Zaheer can fly, plus I imagine they could be pretty preoccupied by random explosions happening and sudden Lava pools appearing. I'm not sure the extent of Zaheers flying but he doesn't seem to have much of a limit yknow? Height and size could even be a bad thing because of combustion lady's chances of hitting would get so much better. Once again I haven't seen much AOT, so I don't know if the titans have any Feats that could defend against Lava and Strong explosives

  34. Anyone can sing. You can dance if you want to. All that matters is when you sing. Don't be that chorus kid who breaks out into song in the middle of class

  35. I don't know who hurt you but dude, I prefer being circumcised. It is cleaner, it is simpler, and it provides an easier time during bedtime sparring. It isn't child mutilation, it's up to tye parents like with everything else at that age. Plus if you do it later you will remember that pain unlike newborns. Seriously, what is your vendetta against Corcumcising and why did you feel the need to post it on a subreddit where 13 and 14 year Olds actively go? I mean- I don't really care about the kids, but at least have some form of decorum my dude

  36. People have already said what I've had to say better but I still wanted to say this is my favorite post on this subreddit so far

  37. Normally I’d vote for superman; but because Goku does have milk delivery experience I think that gives him a slight edge

  38. But the milkman supermans whole job is the milk, he lives by it, he is one with it. He is the milkman, and his milk is delicious

  39. He is our lord and savior Super-Milkman and his milk shall being prosperity to all who drink it

  40. Couldn't he put all his connections he has made over the years, especially from justice league, to the task of acquiring magical and technological "powers" ?

  41. Correct, I mainly just tried to find unaided powers. Ones that don't require tech or anything yknow?

  42. I see, I wouldn't discount those though. The entirety of colourful Lantern people, guys like Blue Beetle, Booster Gold etc are all just normal people equipped with super tech.

  43. I discounted them because there would be so many more powers that he could obviously get, but yeah you're right

  44. do u think i have a chance of dating all 4 of them at once without the other ones knowing?

  45. No, don't do that, cheating will hurt all of them. Think of how you'd feel in their position if you found out they cheated on you with 3 other people

  46. i was gonna play along with it as first but then people started saying things such as i should have gone to his house + the guy is lucky and smart etc and i hope that no one who’s actually had a bad experience with sending nudes take this post seriously and read those rude comments some people left :(

  47. Oh ignore them. Its reddit. Some people suck. Maybe it's a sign to stick to the shitposting and dumb meme stuff instead of elaborate jokes. Though really. Just ignore the dumb comments. From what I've seen people are really just trying to warn you to not do it

  48. Then yeah, stick to that. Or less controversial topics yknow?

  49. To be completely honest this prompt would be a bit cooler if you gave him the Supernatural abilities. Mainly because it would make him immune to the walkers and since he can kill nonstop he would also be stronger.

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