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  1. I briefly looked at your other posts on Reddit. I would be concerned about how other missionaries will treat you if you are open about who you are and your beliefs. I would be concerned about your personal safety in the field.

  2. I mean to be fair. I am cis heterosexual. Just a bit of a femboy lol. But you do have a good point

  3. Do you think a burly right wing Idaho farm boy knows the difference between “femboy” and gay? Good luck with your decision.

  4. Well considering I’m also fairly right wing I’d say I’d be able to pass it off as a joke. It’s how I did it with most my friends.

  5. I mean I think this post is cope. I consider my girlfriend my family. She’s part of it and the life we’ve built and plan to build together. And regardless if we ever make the leap for kids or not, we’re still a family

  6. At one point in the book, the monster refers to himself to Frankenstein as "your Adam". He also repeatedly likens his relationship with Victor as to that of a parent and a child.

  7. I mean In that section though he was referring to himself as Adam in a comparison to the creation of Adam by God in the Bible. The book uses an insane amount of metaphors from the Bible and Dante’s Inferno. Great book, gets pretty deep into the man being god thing

  8. Yeah, there's even a question on a few sites on what race you "identify" with. Your race isn't a choice. If only more people figured out that the same could be applied to transsexuals, things would be a little easier.

  9. Well that one I can understand a little better. My mom is Latina so I could consider myself latino. But I identify as white, despite being latino from that side of the family I look very white and just don’t really identify with that part.

  10. So I’ll have a little more controversial answer. On the first image M20-just a punk rock look with the hair and all.

  11. Because most countries in the planet don’t fucking care…

  12. Ah yes, because teachers are worthless and in no way benefit society, all things in life are about earning potential and if you aren't making six figures why even be alive?!

  13. But why pay 300k to send her to a private school when she could get the same degree at a state school for much cheaper

  14. Because a state school usually has lower quality classes, fewer resources, and much lower job prospects after graduation?

  15. For a teaching job, which is what she wants it’s not going to affect job prospects.

  16. That's not exclusively conservative and it's also no reason to be downvoted.

  17. It’s not a reason to be downvoted yet it happens very very often

  18. I can guarantee, you pass extremely well. Even look like Tim Pool

  19. It is understandable and probably useful. The people who did that probably know that to be a crossdresser may imply something else, in due time. Nobody is a crossdresser out of the blue. It has at least one meaning.

  20. I’m a crossdresser out of the blue. I’m just a lurker in this sub because I agree with the truscum points. But I’m firmly in my identity as male, I just happen to enjoy some more feminine clothes.

  21. Don’t the filtration systems keep the water cleaner than the ocean? Or is it more about the stability of a larger body of water? Or something else all together?

  22. Within smaller aquariums you’re constantly needing to worry about water changes, making sure the nitrogen cycle flows properly, that there’s no ammonia spikes, etc. there’s so much work you need to do with an aquarium to keep it balanced just for the basic idea of keeping your fish alive. This is easier the larger the body of water. The ocean is going to be able to do all of this stuff, to recreate all the chemical effects, etc naturally.

  23. Die Moldau by Smetana is a very very pretty piece I think would fit

  24. How did Zeldin save the Republicans in the House? Idk what's been happening with New York's elections since they've been close and idk much about it.

  25. Zeldin did really well and created a lot of energy for republicans down ballot since his race was at the top. He coattails allowed for republicans to flip a lot of seats republicans wouldn’t have normally flipped. So if they barely win the house-the guy just saved them.

  26. So essentially he managed to get Republicans to get a lot of Republicans from New York as part of New York State's House of Representatives group?

  27. Mastriano was the person at the top of the ballot in Pennsylvania. For the governor’s race. He was just such a bad candidate that everyone else in the state “downballot” did worse. Oz was actually favored in the polling in the days leading up to the election too

  28. I disagree Vance did great last night. The trump candidates that lost were shitty candidates from the get go that should never have ran. The “trump” candidates that actually fall under his side of the party did well.

  29. Vance didn’t do all that good though. Tim Ryan did have an amazing campaign but Vance’s down ballot was bad enough that several house seats flipped blue in the state

  30. Brian Kemp, Glenn Youngkin, Kim Reynolds, or Chris Sununu would all have a good shot in the general. Governors that have effectively shown an ability to win moderate/independent votes.

  31. Has any third party candidate had a bigger turnout than Bundy?

  32. McMullin here in Utah. But of course the democrat party endorsed him and didn’t run their own candidate so him having a bigger turnout makes sense

  33. Well I had some help from my gf, but yeah. I’ve got some more recent attempts posted to if you’re curious. A bit brighter outfits

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