1. my name is sally grace, like the famous video game serial killer sally face!

  2. i’ve been cis from the start! i just use she/her pronouns cause it funny and it gives me europhor… i mean uh man! <3

  3. This happened to me when I installed Armoury Crate from asus. Its caused me pc crashes in multiple games so I just got rid of it and not had a problem.

  4. i’ve had armoury crate for the longest time and it hasn’t crashed,,,

  5. i do it for all y'all because you all deserve it and are totally valid and awesome 💙💕🤍💕💙

  6. being trans isn’t a mental illness, i’m just saying egg_irl is my coping mechanism

  7. Literally just said that's it's a mental illness though

  8. i don’t think we’re on the same page here, i’m just stating that i use egg_irl as a coping mechanism for my mental illness not that being trans is a mental illness


  10. Awwww reminds me of my favorite nightcore songs

  11. you’ve brought back memories that have been hidden for years,,,

  12. i sentence you to probation, you cannot leave the blahaj for the next 3 months <3

  13. I will guard that blåhaj with my life :3

  14. just because you wear skirts doesn’t mean you’re less of a guy! rock that skirt king! <3

  15. i’ve been voice training even before puberty because i wanted to sound like a girl but i guess it wasn’t all for nothing <3

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