1. Clipping for any reason other than medical necessity is very damaging to a bird. When you clip a bird, you’re essentially temporarily mutilating it and thus restricting its ability to move around and escape danger.

  2. It is also considered animal cruelty to clip a parrots wings if it isn't medically necessary in several countries. Flying is so important for many birds, mentally and physically. They can't properly ventilate their airsack-system if they don't exercise enough, which they do mostly during flight. Their flight muscles are also some of the largest muscles in their body and regularly used in flight. Without proper use of their airsack-system birds can be more prone to respiratory issues and poorly developed flight muscles are bad for circulation. Let alone the heightened risk of obesity and fatty liver disease due to the lack of adequate exercise. The inability to fly can also cause frustration, which in turn often causes other issues, from apathy to aggression. OP is literally recommending a practice that reduces the quality (and potentially length) of life a parrot has, over putting them in their cage/aviary before opening doors to the outside.

  3. I believe OP is just really scared. We all know how heartbreaking it is to even think of losing one of our babies. But it’s important to take that fear and turn it into healthy change. For example, clicker training would be excellent for their safety. Also, buying one of those magnetic curtains that many people with birds swear by could be an option.

  4. We use Parrot Town Tv on YouTube (I like the live ones) and then with supervision we watch

  5. I second parrot town! It’s fantastic

  6. The first thing you do is rule out medical causes. Birds can pluck if they’re experiencing discomfort due to a medical issue and it can be one of the first signs that something needs to be addressed by a vet. If that is ruled out, you can start looking at other possible causes. But vet first 100%

  7. It’s important that people are educated of course, but the people that really need to change are the people Breeding and selling the birds. There’s a tendency in the parrot community to blame and shame parrot owners, but the ones causing the most damage are the ones bringing the birds into the world.

  8. No hate at all but your birds feathers look a little unhealthy it could be diet or something else so when you can get him into a Avery vet

  9. What about them looks unhealthy to you?

  10. I encourage exercise with my gccs so they're too tired to consider biting. We use games that involve flying to me in different parts of a room, then back to the cage and picking up balls to place in boxes in exchange for a treat among others to keep them well stimulated.

  11. Yup exercise and clicker training go a long way!

  12. I’m afraid if I remove these eggs she will lay more. Is that true?

  13. It can happen. That’s why most professionals recommend that you let her brood on them until she leaves them. It could take a few weeks or so, but taking them away prematurely could cause her to just want to replace them with more.

  14. My sun conure laid eggs, I gave it 2 weeks before I was forced to remove them. She wasn't eating and got skinny from sitting on the eggs all the time.

  15. Poor little girl. Yeah that’s why it’s so important to watch them closely like you did. Mine in the past still ate and came out etc, but they’re all different with their own little ways.

  16. I have used soy wax melts from my local farmers market for over a decade and never had a problem. I use an electric burner without Teflon which can be a little challenging to find surprisingly. I use an air purifier in the animal room and while my vet certainly won't sign off on it being perfectly safe they also have expressed very little concern. Alternatively I bake small amounts of muffins and bread for myself and my neighbors and coworkers a couple days a week. It keeps the house smelling great and baked goods make friends

  17. I think it’s all about risk vs. benefit. Even if the birds aren’t showing obvious signs of respiratory irritation, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t affecting how they feel. Or how it will impact them long term.

  18. I took some orange, a piece of a pine tree , cranberries and a cinnamon stick a simmer it slowly on the stove. It smells so good and its all natural. Make your own!( of course it was Christmas time but still)

  19. Simmer pots are amazing! And you can get pretty creative

  20. She’s so adorable, but if you’re able to allow the parents to at least co feed, it’s very beneficial for the baby.

  21. That’ll be $6.89. Would you like to use your rewards points on your account towards this purchase? That would bring the total down to $2.15 and also gets you two bonus punches on your card.

  22. Are cranberry tummies extra? Preferably one in the shape of a heart

  23. Ah, the South American pineapple blend. Not for the faint of heart.

  24. Omg thank you. Definitely trying this

  25. Someone recently had a parakeet attempt to crawl through 1/2 inch bars and get stuck, so I’d advocate for narrower spacing to be safe.

  26. I believe that Budgie was trying to get through the area where the bars connected to each other. Could be wrong but that’s what it looks like to me.

  27. Budgie bar spacing is recommended at 1/2” and I would stick to the recommendations. Here’s a list if you’re curious.

  28. There’s currently one up with hundreds of comments. This post is low effort drama stirring.

  29. Aw, someone is really missing their baby. I work with my local parrot rescue and people bring in lost birds sometimes. It might be a good idea to get in contact with them, since they might be able to network and help you find her owners faster.

  30. omg yes! I am getting worried I won’t find them. Where would I find a place like this in VIC?

  31. I’m not familiar with your area, but I was able to find these two organizations. Are they near you?

  32. I knew there’d be at least one of these posts

  33. Real question to bird owners, does the bird shit everywhere? How do you stop things from being ruined?

  34. They’re really smart and can be encouraged to poop in certain locations of the house on their own. It’s likely that the guy has him perching there on purpose so he didn’t poop on the table.

  35. Is there much research into how much the birds can actually understand what they are saying? Ive watched some videos where it seems like they just know what to say in certain contexts/situations

  36. Look up Irene Pepperberg, it’s truly amazing

  37. Please use the rng tag. That’s why it was removed the other times too

  38. What kind of disaster happened in this post? Everyone banned xD Nice drawing btw, any Pic of the character?

  39. Someone that was previously banned created a new account with a racist username and spammed in the post. It wasn’t anything against op I don’t think. Just someone being a troll.

  40. He should be fine :) the main things you want to be careful about (just a few of many) are chocolate, avocado, onion and fruit pits. Sugar isn’t good for them, but a tiny amount won’t usually hurt.

  41. Oh he loves mint leaves! In hindsight it could also be the smell? But yes I’m super careful usually about what I give him, he just gets a kick out of “sharing” my food

  42. Oh trust me, I get that. My little girl’s favorite way to harass me is to give me little pinches if I’m eating something she wants until I cave and give her a taste, lol :) Which of course is usually not possible.

  43. Congratulations! Your baby is beautiful. Your life will never be boring again :)

  44. You should look into an online vet consultation. At the very least, it’ll give you a bit of peace of mind to talk to someone that can give you some advice. We do worry about our little birds. They’re so fragile yet the love we feel for them is all encompassing.

  45. Supports I see now are 4x3 minimum, and most of the time it’s not an issue to find one at all. Maybe it depends on region too.

  46. It probably depends on region but also when you’re looking to play. We waited for 45 minutes last night for a support in our guild reclear. It was brutal. But also, it makes sense because all of our supports in the guild are done with their brels for the week.

  47. I play 4 bards, if i see guild run i don't join when i pug. Its obnoxious to play with 7 people not writing or saying anything, except they all shit on you if you mess up.

  48. Fair enough. We haven’t had many issues in the past finding supports, it’s been more noticeable to me in the past month or so.

  49. It’s so much more precise. But it was really weird getting used to in the beginning coming from wow.

  50. It’s -50 here today and the last few. I can’t open windows at least 6 months out if the year so lights are my only option. Of course they’re bird safe come from a reputable company and I’ve done research. I have two that I really like one is inside cage other above it. I currently use above ones.

  51. I’m not trying to offend or imply anything. I’m just saying that I’ve seen reputable UV lights burn birds because of poor placement. You asked our opinions and what we do or don’t like about it so I answered?

  52. I’m not offended at all just thought maybe I should’ve added that window opening isn’t an option that would solve my issue. Unfortunately I live where we have more cold weather than not. I have read about chewing and they make cages for that now around lights but I read nothing about eye burn outs. I read that if it flickers that’s bad for their eyes and attitude. I do plan to call our vet Monday and get advice on this too and bring up what you stated. I appreciate your opinion and asked for it so again not at all offended.

  53. Okay, I must have misunderstood your comment I’m sorry. I’ve seen cases in forums with photos where people placed them incorrectly and it just kind of scared me away from them. But I can see how living where you do, you would need to find a way. Your vet will know a lot more than me :)

  54. Congratulations on possibly getting a new baby :)

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