Netherlands 2 - [1] USA - Haji Wright 75'

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  1. I don’t quite understand this, but I want to. I have Wildcard left, and if I use it now I will still get to move ALL players during ENG-FRA. Does that mean after the game is over that trick is gone? And If I moved another what happened to the pts if they played already?

  2. The key thing here is the difference between locked and unlocked players. You can transfer out a locked player to an unlocked exactly once (unless they are your captain, then you can't transfer them at all).

  3. Wouldn’t a player that has already played be ‘locked’ during the duration of the QF?

  4. Yeah a player gets locked once they play (idk what happens if the match happens but they don't get minutes, I think they stay unlocked? Double check that).

  5. She absolutely will be. Labour would have to achieve the largest swing in a GE ever recorded from a standing start with little local representation.

  6. I cant get my head around someone actually putting an X against her name after her stint as PM

  7. I'm at work watching without sound, what was the VAR review about on the goal?

  8. Offside review on a player contesting a header

  9. You can just say Mike Ashley is a cunt, he's only ever acted in support of that view

  10. At this point I think it should be encouraged

  11. I've heard its kane saka foden front 3 but we'll know for sure in 10 anyway

  12. That is an annoying way to lose 5 points

  13. Don't fucking tell me that's an Enzo OG. What an amazing way to lose my Otamendi CS while getting negative Enzo points ffs

  14. He has a goal and assist and has created problems all game for them, not 10/10 but it's definitely a good performance

  15. Nah, how many attacks got broken up because he tried to dribble past 3+ players? Even Deschamps was mad at him for not tracking back more.

  16. And how many of those attacks ended in goals

  17. That’s actually unreal, you could give him 100 more tries and he wouldn’t score that way

  18. 1 goal in last 17 apps for Brazil, you're not wrong

  19. So Kudus (Ghana) got points for penalty wins just a few minutes ago and Messi still did not. What a crap

  20. Do you get negative points for missing a pen? So it cancelled out for Messi? Thats the only way I can make sense of it

  21. Thats not in the rules I think and Ayew didnt get the negative points as well.

  22. Yeah it won't be that then. I think the likely answer is just that the app is fucked through poor design and they don't really care about fixing it

  23. You know they're legit when they've got a linked in.

  24. He isn't that legit, on his profile it says his Premier Emperor of the Milky Way Section X456 license expired in 2020

  25. We've had a fair few economic Maguires in our own government over the past decade too.

  26. The tories are just Ali Dia in disguise

  27. They're aiming for the prestigious Fairplay World Cup

  28. Can you sub off a player and then sub them on? You can in other games, but does it bug right now?

  29. I did it MD2 OK with 2 unlocked players, whether or not that has changed with MD3 I am unsure.

  30. I guess it should work then. If not you can't change your lineup after wildcarding and has to pick the guys last for the bench.

  31. Hopefully someone else can confirm for you if it works this MD as well, given how buggy the app is.

  32. Should have been benched to give others minutes and him a break.

  33. He came off after 60 mins against Wales

  34. Actually as an Englishman somewhat disappointed the Wales didn’t go for it. They needed a win, but looked happy to just turn up. Damp squib from them.

  35. Yeah it didn't really make sense, they started the game needing 4 to not get eliminated yet looked like they were playing for the draw? How will that ever see them through

  36. You're obviously Swedish may as well delete your comments pack up and go home

  37. They're already home dude they never made it to Qatar

  38. And I'll maintain it is not a pen without doubt. The rules say it isn't a pen (just read the linked post dude it's not hard), the reasoning you gave isn't a reason that means it should be given.

  39. They'll fix it by changing the rules

  40. Yeah I think im done with this now if they're changing the rules on a whim, who's to say they won't do it again?

  41. Arms locked around him, stonewall pen that

  42. It isn't fair, people are being obtuse about this if they're blaming the players for not wanting to get sent off (because that is what would happen) at the world cup

  43. I don't believe most people here would do any thing different than the players.

  44. Of course. If you win it then you have cemented a legacy for yourself and your career you've been working your life for, why should they risk that

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