1. I think most celebrities are ok with South Park it's just the ones who are a bit to full of themselves like Barbara Streisand, J-Lo, the Church of Scientology.

  2. My favorite is probably the Kardashians loving the episode where they get killed and one of them even going "haha, I got killed last"

  3. Recently, Ant-Man 3. The best thing about it is that it made me appreciate every Marvel movie/show that came before it. Sure, there were some bad things in all of them, but none of them were so generic and embarrassing

  4. I've been actively avoiding The Boys. I've seen Invincible and everything I've seen about The Boys looks like that show but made for douchebags who think they're smart and more mature because it's a superhero show where they say "fuck"

  5. Buzzworthy Bumblebee Terrorsaur and Kup, and Maverick

  6. Maul really was a nothing character in the prequel trilogy, it boggles the mind that Lucas introduced a villain with a striking design and a personal rivalry with Obi-Wan, only to have him barely speak and be killed within a single movie. The depressing thing is that thanks to The Clone Wars, people now credit Lucas as having created a brilliant, compelling villain with him. Don't get me wrong, I love what they did with him on that show, but they essentially created his personality wholesale and had to resort to ridiculous lengths to undo the fate Lucas gave him.

  7. I wish they actually did something with Darth Maul in the movies. I like the "weak looking guy having power over a big strong guy" dynamic, which the OT and ST both do well, and I wish they just did that instead of having three different bland villains for each bland movie

  8. They could probably still use Kubrick again. Imo, he was completely wasted in Spielberg vs Hitchcock, his verse has a nice flow, but he's not really saying anything besides "I'm a genius, beat Spielberg, Michael Bay joke", and there's plenty to dig at him about that they don't do because Michael Bay ends the battle. The characters they've reused (that weren't sequels) have only had small parts, and I think Kubrick's would be just short enough to say that I wouldn't mind them bringing him back

  9. Not strictly Reddit, but the insertion of "Edit" when commenters edit their comments. It's acceptable when you ask a question and eighty people tell you the same thing because they can't just see that it's already been answered, but every time I see "Edit: Thanks for all the likes!!!" or "Edit: WOWZERS, 69,000,000 brupvotes, amazing!!!!", I instinctively downvote/dislike out of pure annoyance

  10. He saw it after he made that video and said it was good, but not as good as Joker because a comic book movie would be more significant winning best picture than a foreign film

  11. yes there is. brachiosaurus/giraffotitan had MASSIVE forearms, its literally what its named for.

  12. Ah yes this would be why YDAW has so many followers coz his entire premise is cross examining Dino toys and paleo art -_-

  13. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with his content, but it's just strange to say "lawl that dino is inaccurate" on a post where someone is just showing their toys. You do you, but I don't see the point in doing it

  14. I got recommended the video game food video one day and that son of a bitch still hasn't said what Luigi tastes like

  15. Mfer really put Mortal Kombat and Blue's Clues in the same meme 💀

  16. Reddit users discovering evil Capitalists have existed longer than 2010(DONT LOOK UP HENRY FORD)

  17. Yeah, I know the actor who played Han Solo. What about him?

  18. Absolutely love it! My one and only issue is that I can't get his waist to swivel very much because of the backpack hanging too low. I've tried getting it up more, but the highest that it'll go still obstructs the swivel, it's a similar problem to Rodimus so I guess they're really a matching pair

  19. The Land Before Time has me crying through the whole movie, but there's something about the sense of relief of them all finally getting reunited with their families, plus the ending narration and the song that just gets me going. It's not "sad" per say, but it does make me cry like a bitch which is sad for everyone around me


  21. Fun fact: Every time someone asks if Studio Series Skids and Mudflap will happen, John Hasbro lays off one more underpaid employee

  22. By your “Lion King” do you mean you thought the original comics were peak and amazing and your favorite thing in the world, only for them to be ruined by a live-action version?

  23. Well, they specify Del Toro's Hellboy, so I would assume they mean it's their favorite movie

  24. William Howard Taft getting stuck in a bath tub

  25. 6th president John Quincy Adams served in Congress with 16th president Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was even on the Committee of Arrangements for Adams' funeral.

  26. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the exact same day hours apart. July 4th, 1826. When Adams died he was unaware that Jefferson died hours earlier and Adams Final words were ironically “Jefferson still lives.”

  27. Jefferson was also Adams' vice president, even though they ran against each other because at the time, whoever got the second most votes would be VP. This was changed after Jefferson took office. It would be so crazy if he never did that though

  28. This reads like a fake synopsis that you force an AI to write

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