1. I just came out of the newborn trenches. I know it gets easier as I have an older kid, but damn the multiple nights/days of little sleep really break you down. Makes it feel endless. Sending love to your fam.

  2. The cat in the middle in the bow is definitely the Mafia boss for all these pets

  3. ‘Into the basement with you!’ screeches Megan

  4. There's no way the powers that be will allow the inevitable overpopulation that results to just happen. At least not without also adding forced sterilization etc.

  5. It’ll be a monthly subscription to stay alive past 80. And if you don’t pay (or there is a billing issue) they come deactivate your account

  6. Oh god. I remember reading about that event while sitting with my young son playing outside, and thinking about the little girl. So incredibly horrible.

  7. Gen. Robert E. Lee's birthday is still an Alabama state holiday and

  8. Oh I know of those days, me too. LOL and there was no concern about burning down the house over some smoke like, unplug it and try again later!

  9. Haha yep! I can’t recall how many times I woke up and there was a blanket roasting against the heater that someone had kicked closer in the night. Good thing they were Hermes blankets or we could’ve been disgraced when the fire brigade came.

  10. Garnier Fuctis commericals in Iran are just women getting water boarded by their Hijab while they pretend it smells great.

  11. Technically a name, but Penelope. I said Pen-elope in my head for more than a year before I was corrected by my mom.

  12. It’s still Penny-Lope in my head forever. By the time I was corrected it had already been years of me thinking that

  13. I’d love a show with Camille’s dad being hilarious the whole time. 🤷‍♀️

  14. They guy who Sylvie flirted with/lead on so she could get the office back

  15. I re watched it for the second time and I'm gutted it'll never be made again. Is it worth re watching again and again??

  16. Another one teen girls should read about is what happened with Meg Turney (cosplayer and Youtuber/Streamer). She had a stalker who showed up with a gun at her house. He was going to kill her boyfriend (Gavin Free from RoosterTeeth) and ‘take her away’. The guy ended up having a shootout with the police and died in her driveway.

  17. Give it a rest, GOP. Under Trump we lost toilet paper and baby formula for weeks. The GOP can suck a shit covered rotten egg.

  18. We couldn’t get baby formula for months. It was one of the most stressful things about having a newborn.

  19. I just lost 7 hours of my life to that sub. That was a wild ride

  20. is he a chef? i thought he just sprinkles shit over expensive shit

  21. That’s so rude. He also pastes gold foil to meat.

  22. Is this a Choose Your Own Adventure reference?

  23. I now must find Ultima. Although a billion year SOMA nap sounds pretty good too

  24. Would you be interested in some delicious rare nfts

  25. Love me some $1.35 ramen noodles to go with my $0.75 two saltine crackers. Oh you don't have money just eat jail food, yea thst on the tray that's a glob of crisco they put on the plate so it makes the calorie requirements, enjoy!

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