NFLPA determined Josh Gordon has successfully completed his NFL-monitored treatment program and has recommended to the NFL that he be reinstated, per sources. Gordon is awaiting final approval from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but he is said to be re

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  1. Hopefully, Kawhi is on load management. He has been on a tear recently.

  2. I know (I think ) he is a good rebounder but I don’t know much about him..

  3. Let’s be honest, this team is not better than last year. Think Lauri was a much larger loss than people think

  4. Are you disagreeing? We will now have a worse record than last year at this point

  5. We were missing the best player on the floor. Also, it’s one game, who cares. We’re still young and growing.

  6. I added this to my black 2020 LE, very easy to do and looks amazing with the black on black

  7. Uh the disrespect to Wiseman. You'll get to see 48 minutes of James Wiseman and you'll like it

  8. Rip that was all without Ja too😂 we’re in for a long one tonight

  9. Kevin needs to take a break for a couple games. Jesus

  10. I just picked up a coke one the other day at a thrift store lol

  11. I don’t think putting a couple thousand into a dividend stock will be worth it, would rather just put that into VXUS or VTI

  12. What a dumb ass dude. Like what are you thinking, legitimately. Bone head play

  13. I’d rather be them.. they have their picks right?

  14. We bout to beat the fuck out of the bengals and when we do prepare for the most toxic shit y’all ever seen on Reddit

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