1. Yes, it came new like this. The clear tabs were also just thrown in the box. I’m assuming they go on the rim of the base so the lid isn’t sitting directly on top. I’m thinking this may have been someone else’s return. Thanks for the reply. I’m going to contact customer service tomorrow.

  2. Oh yeah I’ve never experienced that. I would contact them and speak of your experience — you’ll get a new one and hopefully a discount on your next purchase for the inconvenience. I would push for that personally

  3. Discount sounds nice considering what I paid for it and for it to arrive like this lol.

  4. Did you order it directly through the le creuset website?

  5. Incredibly sad to see good people of this nature facing these problems in America. We need to do better as a country to ensure families and children aren’t left without a roof over their head. We have the resources, not the leadership.

  6. Shit this is more interesting than any baseball game I’ve ever watched

  7. I've forgotten to put my bins next to the road several times on trash day. They are not going to take the time to go get it.

  8. Depends on the town. The collectors grab the bins from my house for a small fee in my area

  9. The garbage man goes up your driveway and takes bins right next to your house?

  10. Yeah in my neighborhood it’s a small up-charge to have them come up the driveway to pick it up. Worth it honestly

  11. Yeah that’s definitely not right, would return it and swap it out. I’ve learned to buy the refurbished models as they tend to have a higher level of scrutiny — meaning they have a higher rate of success out of the box due to being double and triple checked. I have a friend that works for them in their Ohio plant and she says to always go refurb.

  12. Everyone in this comment section salty about someone else’s wealth — Reddit in a nutshell. I think the room looks great and the TV is within appropriate height boundaries

  13. Yes unfortunately it’s not safe to use if the enamel is compromised

  14. Some of my military time was at sea, I’m surprised the success rate is that high. I don’t think people realize how extremely difficult it is to save someone who goes overboard.

  15. Is there any particular reason for this besides the current?

  16. I just think it’s goofy that you default to belittling as opposed to having a normal conversation. Part of what’s wrong with the internet today — no consequences for being rude.

  17. I never once said America isn’t guilty of the same and/or worse environmental atrocities. I’m well aware my country has a variety of issues. You’re generalizing and making assumptions all within the same statement.

  18. That guy would benefit from being placed into an area that receives more light

  19. Gives the vibes of you putting your cat in the Dutch oven for karma lol

  20. Probably because they didn’t spend their whole living living next to capybaras as you did — you had already answered your own question. Capybaras are not native to my country, and we actually have a zoo exhibit with them in my home town. It’s human nature to be fascinated with anything outside of our “norm.”

  21. I mean zoo’s are a whole other argument — I was just providing some context for my statement

  22. Always surprises me how many large animals are fantastic swimmers

  23. I have read a lot of western books where cows have to swim rivers, so i wasnt even remotely surprised by the cows being dumped out to swim in. Seemed like common sense.

  24. I haven’t read a lot of western books so that’s where we differ lol

  25. Makes sense. Large cars/trucks aren’t common as they are in the US

  26. It was pretty good, nothing spectacular. Better than the PB pie

  27. It’s pretty cliche and unoriginal though.

  28. Cliche and unoriginal is okay sometimes. If it works it works

  29. These guys like to dry out in between watering. Might have root rot

  30. Eh they’re mid compared to the usual flavors. Weird wasabi/horseradish thing going on that I didn’t really enjoy. But wasn’t a massive fan of ketchup either so maybe that’s just me

  31. You're getting down voted because MTG has never respected the country or the position.

  32. Respect the country and respect the position. An absolute abomination.

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