1. Self reliance, why should I rely on another man with a gun to keep my family safe? As a fully capable adult I feel a responsibility to rely on myself and don’t trust/expect anyone else to provide for me, to include provide safety. Tell me why I shouldn’t have a gun and should just wait for and rely on a uniformed person to handle things?

  2. These mobs are insane… freaking out hyping everything, stirring things up so they can spin the repercussions as oppressive.

  3. In that little kind of tin container? I can’t remember what I had from them but I liked it.

  4. Yeah lol I always thought they were a little odd but they keep bud fresh. I was looking on their website and they have a patented nitrogen packaging process or something. Basically no oxygen in the container and I think it makes a difference all the bud I ve got from them has a consistent feel and dry to it

  5. Grow ohio always been killin it. But best in program is a reach. I just picked up woodward for the first time in a while and yea, I quickly remembered why they’re the best

  6. Didn’t say best in the program said best purchase so far in the program… dollar to amount to quality and consistency they have been better than anyone else I ve tried and yeah I ve not bought all the 50$ 2g buds with fancy labels but I m happy with what I ve seen from GO.

  7. Hence my apprehension for a new series, it’s a lot of story to not trip up lore yet make it still connect the same

  8. Aren't both of them dead? I thought Gilbert mentioned that when he came to Arlen to see Bill.

  9. Honestly don’t know but that d be another twist lol… I just was watching and at the point he shouts BOTH and I was just happy for Bill as I checked Reddit

  10. You know you read the names of the characters in that intro voice just now

  11. Shoutout to the neighborhood parents that would host these congregation of wild youth

  12. That was a high score worm till you broke it

  13. “My parents didn’t love me when I was a child” all grown up

  14. Well that’s a birding pole so what else would you use it for…. How else do you catch sky meat

  15. I just wanna see her go sit on the ocean and float around… no need for a raft or life preserver

  16. Their shoebox guy was making a killing though

  17. Looks kind of like honey suckle but hard to tell

  18. If you pull a branch/ vine till it breaks it tends to strip the outside layer off of an inner core that’s stronger. It would also be fairly strong and require a hard pull to break the vines. They will wrap around other plants and choke them out so you may see signs of that too…. All that said it could be something else all together the flower structure would be a give away

  19. The artist formerly known as Prince, presents the breakfast formerly known as pancakes

  20. Looks like wood sorrel to me… does it have a lemony taste and any little yellow flowers or mini seed pods that look like tiny okra?

  21. Yeah just a specific one, sorry were we just supposed to leave it at a more general ID

  22. I wouldn’t be too worried at this point may be slightly high in N but that’s normal as things switch to flowering and some buds have a lighter color in general the other symptoms arent there at least to the point of concern from what I can see

  23. Out of personal experience I ve noticed my anxiety and panic attack feelings are the worst when I haven’t been eating regularly… obviously not everyone is the same but figured I d share in caee it helps. If I start feeling the feels I will make myself eat something of substance and it helps relax my body, pair that with the right bud to relax your mind and things can work well with smoking but it ll be trail and error to find things. I ve been enjoying Layer cake for pain and seems to help my anxiety too

  24. Lucky it wasn’t boiling grease the run away would’ve been much more entertaining though

  25. I m picking up a few 1/2s now I ll have to double check when I get home hopefully not much of a hassle and they make it right

  26. Thanks, will do, any light will do or should I start looking at UV lamps?

  27. You can grow with regular bulbs but they don’t cover the full spectrum… if you grab some regular bulbs with high lumens they will work for now but you should look into lighting and the options to cover the widest spectrum. Cool and hot white, UV etc. I haven’t done indoor for awhile but all the new grow lights out there are probably better option once you ve got the time space and money

  28. Best of luck just be gently with it for now and hopefully she’ll be a good plant in a few months. Definitely has some vigor lol

  29. Looks like you need phosphate with those red stems but may have more issues than just that

  30. 10/10 do not support Harvest. 3 male employees (one claimed to be a manager but didn’t introduce or have a different badge) and told me I was a liar for being told by a female employee months ago that they were VISA gift cards. No one from Harvest had stated that change (bc they got in trouble with the state) and then talked to me like I was a crazy person. Continued to lie that they were all Amazon gift cards the whole time.

  31. Would you have been cool with some female employees yelling at you or calling you a liar, seems like a minor misunderstanding that you took personal and have blown out of proportion because of some other issues.

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