1. I'm a super pale olive too. I wear Kat Von D Lock It 40 or Fenty in 100 with a pump of white mixer. I've tried pinks and mauve ect you name it and it just made me look sun burned or made me look like I was upset (my neck chest and face flush red with most emotions excitement, anger, anxiety ect.)

  2. Thank you!!! I will look into purple shades for sure

  3. Good luck πŸ₯° I hope it's as magical for you as it was for me the first time i tried it. ✨️

  4. Hey I know this is like a year later…. But I love using kvd in light 41 as a spot concealer, then going in with 100N powder foundation by fenty! Then doing blush and bronzer and spraying it all down with morphe setting spray! It makes it sooooooooooooo natural. You’re very fair like me!

  5. I never thought of using it as a spot concealer then powder. I've been using KVD lock it in 40 for about 6 months now and absolutely love it. It's a perfect match but can be pretty heavy so I usually mix it with a moisturizer or primer to make it not so heavy but doesnt give the natrual look i want. I'm so gonna try using it as a concealer instead tomorrow followed by powder and everything then setting spray! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° thank you for this brillaint idea! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  6. Literally like soak your face in spray and let it dry. It’ll be like new skin!!!

  7. Thank you!! πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» super excited to try this out. 😍

  8. Another choice is to do a "duct tape double" using self adhesive paper tape to create what is basically a papier mache shell, reinforce the insides with more tape. And drop the shell over a smaller form. This can be especially useful when you sew for several people -- swap shells as needed.

  9. This girl is amazing. Look at the shape she has created. That is why I want mine to be able to be removable. Options, because I wanted to buy 2 sizes of professional forms but shipping and exchange to Canada pissed on my parade!!!!

  10. Oh my gosh YAY! I will so try this. I bought the batting but just well, fellow adhd person here, have started literally a million projects because of Christmas 🀣🀣 thank you!!! I didn't realize it may be so easy. I say easy but I'll probably be ready to set it on fire in the back yard by the end of this. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  11. I usually do just a cream shadow base, basically something skintoneish or just eyeprimer. Just to make the liner stay better then do my eyeliner. I've been doing that for years. Sometimes I get fancy like I used to but it's rarer and rarer. You look gorgeous BTW

  12. I use the fenty setting powder in lavender I believe it's called. It's not ACTUALLY purple but it's a beautiful finish. I also set with a setting spray. I've gradually changed to just a light dusting of powder to set everything and then use the setting spray to amek sure it actually stays. πŸ˜„

  13. I honestly don't know. I'm currently on a backpacking trip and I didn't bring foundation or powder but I'm sure you can Google it. 😁

  14. I 2nd dermablend. I believe their body foundation is pale. You should be able to find it in ulta. Shipping wise I use RCMAs cream foundation in Porcelain and its super high coverage. I use it to cover bruises too when i need too. I'd look up tattoo coverup stuff, anything that can cover that is super high coverage. Good luck!

  15. I just want to say you are striking!!! And I am waiting on translation too hopefully it comes soon! And if you don't mind me asking where did you get the green cape and shirt from in the last shot? I love those! The others are breathe taking too!

  16. Thank you ❀️ They're both from Aliexpress:)

  17. just wanted to say thank you for making this post! i’m also a hiker with very pale skin and rosacea/acne i feel like i’ve never found a good tinted moisturizer to put over my sunscreen on those no makeup days. i usually use the dr. jart cicapair color correcting cream over my sunscreen and it feels so gross and heavy after a while and it makes my skin look very dull and lifeless.

  18. That is a great idea on the pop up bowl! I have the Dr bonners soap buy was gonna splash it from my bottle but this is better and less water waste! Yes! Yes you understand 1000% . Like i feel so vain but i just have so much trouble explaining to people the insecurities and they are oh your skin is gorgeous, well duh i have makeup on it. 🀣 when people realize I have some sort of makeup on while camping or back packing I usually get "oh she's that girl " looks. But the redness and acne make me uncomfortable in my own skin. I wish I was confident enough to not wear anything but sunscreen but that's not the case. πŸ˜“ I'm going to ulta this weekend to see I'd they will let me swatch it if not I'll buy it and if it doesn't match return it. Good luck! I'll add you as a friend on here and send you a message so I remember if I find anything that is absolutely amazing I'll message it to you! 😁😁😁😁

  19. Thank you! I was hoping to hear that because I plan to repurchase!

  20. Oh yea. I love mine and I'd definitely reach out and ask them. Good luck πŸ₯°

  21. Have a look at Evelyn and Bobby. I liked their one with a hooked band and adjustable straps (because I needed to be able to adjust to my size). I think this would make an amazing sports bra. Esp if you don't need to lock the girls down tightly. It was seriously comfortable. Highly recommend.

  22. Forget about bras, 335 miles of hiking?? My heels and knees are already crying in pain!

  23. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 that's why I want my boobies to be comfortable at least because the rest of me will hate me. 🀣🀣 LOL

  24. Legally pills need to be kept in a container with the label. Doubt you will run into cops, but if you were ever detailed and searched… it could be an issue. Had this issue at the airport once but the trail is different.

  25. That's what I was thinking. I was like oh God what if something happened. πŸ˜…

  26. Take pictures of all the prescriptions just in case. When you're out in the middle of the woods hiking no long portion is going to make you open your bag and explain what everything is in it. It can happen at a bus station or an airport. If you were to get pulled over and they search the car. They aren't even going to do that pack. keep all the pills in one bottle to keep them from getting crushed or wet. They probably won't fill up the bottle all of the way so make sure you stuff the empty space in the bottle full of cotton balls so it doesn't rattle it will get annoying very quick speaking from experience!

  27. Oh absolutely brilliant! I didn't think of the rattle haha. Thank you! I figured I was thinking to much into it but wanted to ask 😁😁😁

  28. Thank you!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  29. So, Swoon Patterns has lots of purse patterns, and several free as well. One of the freebies is called "the Ethel Tote".

  30. Oh thank you!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  31. Oh my gosh! You just saved me so much because I wad about to buy a dress form. 🀣 I did the duct tape one but once I took it off and put it back together it didn't go back right. Thank you!

  32. Fenty 100 is a little to dark for me for reference. I use Kat Von D Lock It 40N. I'd give that a try. Or try RCMA foundation in Ivory or Porcelain. They are cream foundation and I love using them as concealers. A tiny bit goes a long way with those and usually you can buy a little sample for like $3 before buying a whole one. πŸ˜‰

  33. I feel it's a good neutral. It doesn't lean cool or warm on me. 😁 I'm wanting to try her cream foundations for winter since my skin is dryer then but haven't taken the plunge yet. I have also been using and loving a chinese foundation/bb cream it's called FV forever foundation in Ivory, it's in a red tube. I saw a tiktok on it and got it on Ali express yes yes I know. But it was only like $7 and I'm very surprised by how much I like it as a throw on and run errands product. I feel like it's not a perfect match it's a smidgen to dark but it dries down beautifully when i blend it into my neck. Honestly its probably closer to Fenty 100 and i dont know why im just thinking about commenting about it. For $7 it's Definitely worth a shot. My skin didn't fall off or break out so that's a huge plus and ive been using it for a few months. πŸ˜…

  34. Jessica Alabama 32 The Instagram adds got me too! But so so happy they did. As soon as I heard there was a book I ran to find it online! 😍

  35. Gangnam on Beach maybe. Also there's a Korean cafe in World Food Mart next door that rules.

  36. The store next to Gangnam has it. I bought some last year.

  37. We are in Jacksonville for the weekend and I'd love to know what resturant you tried this at? Or if you found any in a store. I've been dying to try some! Thank you!

  38. Area51 Korean BBQ in fernandina beach, just north of jacksonville. Lots of other cool stuff to check out around there too if you're not already familiar with the area. Never ended up finding any in a store.

  39. Thank you so much!! We are going to cumberland island so we will be north of Jacksonville when we arint at the hotel! 😁

  40. Dude I’m trying to literally get everyone and anyone I know to read it πŸ™ƒ but no one wants toπŸ˜­πŸ˜… I think I need new friends

  41. Right! Like I've tried so hard to sway people. Most do when they read the Manga style version. But they just don't know they need this like air to breathe. It has literally taken over and I'd love to have a hard back even if if was in korean just to have it on my shelf in a place of honor. πŸ˜… like it's an addiction. Maybe that's why my friends won't read it. πŸ€” LOL

  42. Hahahah honestly good for them not reading bc it definitely TAKES over everything haha. Also 100000% agree about having it even in Korean!!! ❀️❀️❀️

  43. Yes! πŸ₯° I asked my korean penpal if she read it and she hasn't and I'm dying on the inside because how 🀣🀣 if your looking for a show that kinda reminds you of it The Wolf is good. It gave me this kinda feelings with it. It's a Chinese drama I think like 40 episodes long but it'd amazing and gave me a bit of a fix. 🀣

  44. Try Aromaleigh Cosmetics! They have very pale and buildable. They are loose powders. I've used her stuff for over a decade now.

  45. I remember trying this ages ago and wasn't super impressed but so much about my makeup routine has changed and I'm sure they've tweaked things over the years.

  46. Oh same! I needed full matte and it was just to much for that at that time in my life. But now that im older and my skin isnt such a train wreck its amazing as a gently buffed in foundation like bare minerals, ive just noticed you have to do more sheer layers where as BM you can just throw it on. I'm in Alabama an hour from Pensacola so I hear you about the heat and humidity. Just to walk to the car causes sweat. It stands up, I also use setting spray and it helps. They have 3 finishes gossamer, i use this one its a buildable foundation, dew drop the mousturizing one, and pashmina which is full couverage, id recommend the sample jars or baggies first to get your color and see what formula you like. Their contours are a amazing too. I've used the foundation as a setting powder almost over a full face to cover redness when i needed it. I use the color 00 alabaster mixed with the vx ghost. 😁 I love the finish of bare minerals but it's soooo orange 😭

  47. No answer but following! Color me intrigued πŸ€”

  48. A complete novel that can rival with UTOT under certain aspects (e.g.: you want to marry the male lead, but also the female lead, and they actually communicate but also have crazy sex) is Predatory Marriage. The title seems off putting but trust me.

  49. Would you mind sharing which author? There are several stories with that name on wattpad ans I'm really excited to read this. ❀️ thank you!

  50. You can just google β€œPredatory Marriage novel”, I read it on light novel heaven. Side stories are still ongoing so finishing it won’t be traumatic as well. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  51. Oh thank you! I was in the completely wrong place then. :) I'm starting it tonight!

  52. Try RCMA, you can order a sample for like $2 I think, this is the brand alot of makeup artists use at photo shoots. I use KVD lock it in 40 and I use RCMA in Porcelain. I haven't found anything lighter than these 2. I do own the LA white mixer color and add it to pretty much everything. Good luck!

  53. Also Im pretty sure Porcelain is their lightest shade but I think they have a pure white shade.

  54. I don't know of anything to replace that that's lighter but you could try a white mixer to make it more your shade without messing with the formula to much. I personally use the la colors one and it mixes great with bb creams, foundations and concealers. :)

  55. I don't use bronzer but for contour I use are Cream: Rituel De Fille -Intuition Rituel De Fille - Eclipse

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