1. I was playing Zero 3 yesterday on this and I think I ended up going with the third filter in the game (don’t know if you’ve got that one here). It reminded me of what I remember the game being like. Did kinda hurt my eyes after while though. I was playing full screen though and not with the arcade surround.

  2. By third filter, I'm assuming you're counting "None" as the first filter, because "Type C" is the "Soften pixels" filter (which DEFINITELY isn't right), whereas "Type B" (which is the third filter if you count "None" as one of the filters) is the "Show RGB pixels" filter, which is what the first person who replied reccomended. Is that what you meant by the third filter? And if you're not sure, then can you turn on your console and check to see what you set it to? Thanks in advance.

  3. I checked earlier. I was using filter D so wrong on every count.

  4. I always used Type G because I thought that it might've been the most accurate, which is just type D but with a curved display, so you could be PARTIALLY right if I'm right about type G being the most accurate and the person above is wrong, but idk. I mean, I'm pretty sure most CRT displays in the '90s had a curved screen, but that may not have been the case for arcade monitors.

  5. Though I guess there is a third way to interpret your question (you weren't very clear in what you were asking, lmao) which would be "isn't that version of that rom exclusive to Namcot Collection on the Switch?", and the answer is probably not, because the full title screen was used for the Wii U Virtual Console release of The Tower of Babel as well (though they could've revised the rom again in Namcot Collection in some way, but idk because No-Intro doesn't seem to have those versions documented (just the original version of the rom and the Namcot Collection rom before it was patched to include the new title screen)).

  6. Also, Namcot Collection is also on PS4 and Xbox One as well, so in all the ways I could interpret what you meant by your question, the answer would always be "no", lol

  7. It's an NES rom within a Switch game. So if you're asking me if I'm breaking the rules, then I'm not, because I'm asking for an NES rom that's been extracted from a Switch game, not for an actual Switch rom.

  8. Thank you! I worked really hard to make her as godlike as possible through 100% legitimate means. Not only is she a ribbon master, but she's also shiny, has a competitive moveset with max PP for all moves, has gained her hidden ability via an Ability Patch, is hyper trained in all her stats and super trained in her best ones, has contracted Pokérus before, is level 100, and, thanks to a mint, has a beneficial nature!

  9. I've gotten really close a couple of times, so I think it's just a matter of time

  10. Yup, but I need to level it up though, and that'll be a task and a half considering how most of the Pokémon in the area I'm currently in are around level 20. I could just go to the area I sequence broke to, but my Pokémon probably won't be able to handle wild Pokémon at that level, and Sliggoo won't listen to me yet since it's level 50. So I guess I'm just gonna have to grind out one level then...

  11. Grats! That pokemon is definitely on my radar. Although I find myself not just sticking to one team so it'll probably end up being the same.

  12. Nice. Make sure it's male, otherwise you have a Party Gal, not a Party Lad.

  13. Dragon quest, just emulate Amy of them and you'll have a great time

  14. Dragon Quest isn't anything CLOSE to a Doom RPG! Sure, it's an RPG, and practically invented the JRPG genre, but other than that isn't even CLOSE to what the OP is looking for.

  15. There were 2 official Doom RPGs for old mobile phones called Doom RPG and Doom 2 RPG, and they're very easy to emulate. Their graphics are based on Classic Doom, and seem to be exactly what you're looking for, as they have leveling, looting, etc.

  16. Does anyone know if the glitch involving Sora's fade-to-white animation and Joker's Final Smash victory animation was fixed? I get a special role on Gunnercord if it was.

  17. Did you get it from a bottle on the Paradise Planning island? If that's so, then it's only a matter of time til I get it! I noticed I also can't order the Magic Circle Floor or Candle Wall with my Poki, so they must be crafted or Saharah exclusives.

  18. No, I got it from a bottle on a Kapp'n Island. I don't have the DLC yet.

  19. Clean that windowsill and chair, then put some cases on your pillows. >_<

  20. Also, there are pillowcases on those pillows.

  21. Same! This update is gonna get me back into the game, since I fell off of it HARD a few months ago.

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