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  1. Don't ever disrespect me looking like Honey boo-boos aunt

  2. 11/3/21 for me. It was terrifying at first thinking how I would socialize or even just get the good vibes that it had historically brought me. My life is immeasurably better, I don’t miss it in the slightest. I’ll throw back a ginger beer for the both us.

  3. I quit drinking March of 2021 going on 2 year strong but I do get that urge once on a while. I'll have a drink on a special occasion after my 2 year anniversary wth y not

  4. People are so freaking dumb doing stupid shit like that.

  5. Same guy everyday and you don't have a Louisville slugger waiting on him?

  6. I'd fly up behind and drop kick the mfs

  7. Give her the beaten that will teach her some respect.

  8. I'd say he was planning on raping her.

  9. Nothing wrong with asking a dude if he likes fish sticks.

  10. I thought she was diving above water if you pay close attention.

  11. Yeah. This dummy was just waiting to get arrested. From what I've seen they rarely get charges and if they do end up in court they rarely get convicted of what they were charged with anyway. It's an almost consequenceless badge of honour these days.

  12. Hmmm kind of like qualified immunity.

  13. Anyone recording fights without stepping in is a low life coward imo

  14. Don't be a boot licker. they're not there for us they're there for themselves

  15. Sources say he was banging one the cops' wife/girlfriend.

  16. This post keeps popping up every single time I refresh my feed what gives?

  17. Meanwhile in America people are on lebron's tip

  18. A Louisville slugger will show him the path to righteousness

  19. Totally. Did he say something racist as well? I didn’t hear it. Just saw him ruin the whole show like a dick.

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