1. Yeah they are legit, but why wait til the end of the month? You can have your card tomorrow afternoon and be at the dispensary by tomorrow evening or Friday at the latest. It’s just that easy. And there are a bunch of different places to get your card. Remember, you still owe the state $50 after whatever the people charge you to get your card.

  2. Look up the procedure to decarboxylate Marijuana, most likely 180-200 degrees in the oven on a pie sheet for 25-30 mins. From there, here is a good recipe to get you started. It is important to eat it with some fatty item like peanut butter, etc, so that the THC can bond to that. There is so much you can do with decarbed flower. Good luck. SEIYGE

  3. I think we're witnessing a true historical moment when a useful idiot realizes they're a useful idiot.

  4. God damn that’s a good line. May I steal that? Major props!

  5. That is just messed up! In a Walmart? I don’t know who is more morally bankrupt, the cockfighters or Walmart??? JC wtf is wrong with people????

  6. I keep a playing card in my tray. Hard to beat.

  7. It’s the Puerto Rican Day episode. Season 9

  8. Thanks! I don’t remember those glasses on Kramer. I guess I need to rewatch that episode.

  9. Hahaha. Yeah. Get one with a lid. Soooo convenient and on Amazon for 10-15 dollars.

  10. Damn haven’t seen Danks for a few years. As fake as they get.

  11. Gotta do what u gotta do. Stay resourceful my friend.

  12. In Ohio, I renewed before my previous year expired and it just made it seamless the day after my one year expired, the next year began.

  13. You’re good. I think the only time it may be an issue is if you ate it after midnight the night before surgery. I agree with Wally, still mention it. These are the people that help keep you alive, keep them in the know.

  14. I don’t think I have read a funnier line in 2022 than “how much for the already fucked chicken?”

  15. Thanks for sharing, that is awesome!!!

  16. John Lovitz as the scofflaw because, well, John Lovitz is the worst.

  17. No it’s not a joke. I find it amusing, but it’s not a joke.

  18. It’s a joke because it changes history. The play was called death of a salesman. The idea that we have to retroactively change a title for gender inclusivity is ridiculous. I wonder how exhausting it must be to spend the day challenging every time something is said now about something 50 years ago, to make an argument for rewriting history. Loosen the hell up America!

  19. Sorry I thought you meant the gender bot was a joke. Yes it’s a joke as in it’s so bloody stupid. That’s why I shared it, found it amusing.

  20. Thanks for bringing the topic. ✌🏻

  21. He’s a bad actor, but that shouldn’t be surprising. He’s a comedian. He is still funny as hell but I enjoy his flubs honestly.

  22. The only time I can recall him calling himself that is in "The Stranded," when he's calling Kramer to pick him and Elaine up at the party on Long Island and he leads off with, "Krames? Sein."

  23. Yeah this one is my only recollection.

  24. I’m in for a large. Excellent drawing!!

  25. I can’t believe I never saw that!! Good catch!!!

  26. You have the kind pen that has a button you push before hitting it right? If so and this is the style you have, try to avoid “dragging” on the pen like you would a cigarette. (The reason I put it that was is because there are styles of pens that you have to drag to get them to even heat up.) anyway, push the buttons and just breathe in ever so slightly while you are hitting it. You’re going to get your meds, the drag is unnecessary and it is why you are clogging. Seiyge

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