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  1. It's pretty impressive that they learned that. I don't believe animals are stupid, but it's not that intuitive for a dog (I guess ?)

  2. The cop maintained his composure amazingly well until she spit literally on his face. Say what you want about police brutality, male/female equality, etc. but, in my opinion, anyone spitting into another person’s face and acting like an animal, deserves equal respect and treatment.

  3. Wow. First off, she sounds like a narcissist. Secondly, it's fine to be poly but not everyone can happily date someone who is poly. Thirdly I'm pretty sure this sub is for dumpers AND dumpees so you're fine.

  4. Thanks for your answer. That's what I was thinking too, it looked like some narcissic actions, but love made me blind. And curiously, I couldn't just trust my psychiatrist with that. Needed you telling me.

  5. Nothing better than seeing different species interact, while it's peaceful at least

  6. I swear it, even when I will hit my forties, I will still buy myself an advent calendar

  7. ALL cats are cute alright ? But this one, oh this one, it is a special one

  8. Have laws that help construction, like exempting taxes for those who builds

  9. I try to get Interventionnism, Full Citizenship, Pro military/Jingoism. I can go for Laissez-faire if I have the economy for it

  10. Spare a thought for those of us trying to play on potatoes.

  11. My PC is so bad that I can't play zoomed in. I have to stay on a view without terrain

  12. Same Bre. Trying to stay on this tiny zoom level where you see map icons, but no terrain.

  13. Your army size remains the same. Neither your manpower reserves nor your economy can support your max theoretical army.

  14. The most important is to focus on the most useful data. Growth, unemployement, inflation, budget and popularity. You will want to have a good growth with a stable inflation and a small level of unemployement. And also try to have an excess for the annual budget.

  15. Use the search option with the title of the game you want, after it's like other forums

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