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  1. It seems to becoming an everyday occurrence.

  2. I use Waze or Google Maps even when I know where I’m going just for the traffic tips.

  3. As much as you all see me saying bad things about Viera, the Viera office was actually able to get me an appointment and I drove all the way there to get my tags sorted out. Turns out the system deleted my car and when I went to renew online it said my car didn't exist. I don't know what a law enforcement officer would have said if he ran my tags and found no vehicle registered. They ended up putting my vehicle back into the system and were able to reissue me stickers. I'm thinking this may be a statewide issue with the registration system.

  4. It's not just Brevard or Florida, it's normal everywhere. Not sayings it's good, but it's true. People are fucking assholes.

  5. the medical examiner will get a chuckle when this one makes his way into a drawer after a fentanyl overdose

  6. We have to register tattoos in my profession, this one would be a quick no go.

  7. Foamers took a picture of the gates opening while the train was passing?

  8. Does it matter ? The train is blocking already . No need for gates

  9. It will be PACKED in DT Melbourne. You’re best bet is to Uber there and back; unless you’re familiar with the area and know the secret spots, parking will be atrocious.

  10. One of my coworkers from Maryland has to take her car back to Maryland every few years to get reinspected.

  11. You wouldn’t be cut in half. Chainsaws don’t continuously spin when started.

  12. They have a centripetal clutch but who knows what it's idle speed is, most likely he gets a nice gash and gravity takes over.

  13. The clutch is disengaged when the chain brake is on and the trigger is not pulled.

  14. I have an electric chainsaw for small things around the house, my only experience with gas chainsaws is using their engines in go carts I build and then we already have removed the bar. I'm just speculating, this guy looks like he might have removed the chain brake.

  15. I'm still trying to figure out the whole context of the "based" meaning.

  16. I'm sure they got plenty of competent folks at a government bureau like that, I bet they could monitor the TV and the CB at the same time.

  17. Nowhere near the resources to do that. If it came down to someone complaining about something and collecting actual evidence about an offender then maybe law enforcement might launch an investigation but it's really very low on the list of things for the FCC to care about.

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