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  1. Oh man I'm so sad I wont get that $150/month or whatever paltry amount most recipients get.

  2. yeah, except it might me tough to settle the masses that get a lifetime of investment stolen from them.....

  3. steering wheel position may be uncomfortable although it lowers and telescopes very well. I'm 5-6 and sometimes feel arm fatigue, I'm oldish and broken, however. I have the seat all the way up

  4. What is the style of blue bucket grow called, please?

  5. Good to know, I was worried I bought the wrong car for my region. mid NY

  6. Get good All Season Mud and Snow tires like the Michelin Cross Climate 2. They’ve been stellar (nyc here with lots of trips to the Catskills for skiing)

  7. Think what you will of James Brown but he was a massive influence on an entire world of music, for years and years.

  8. I started The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck today and this makes more sense to me now

  9. :(. Oh well, I’m sure that the robot that takes my job will also take my life.

  10. I honestly thought this was a bullshit line until I watched a show from the 1910s and saw how many of their jobs are now (obviously) are done by machines. It’s honestly scary when you scale it up to today.

  11. People are further prompted to believe all you need to do is stay above the curve. Most of the world is inherently behind the curve by design.

  12. The biggest thing for me would be my partners genuine interest in being intimate with me. To enjoy sexual pleasure in earnest and to be interested in exploring what turns them on.

  13. Inline fan should be enough imo. Important thing is to keep air moving through

  14. not really an option, thanks though

  15. This is when I move to a small, rural mountain town, make friends with whomever I can meet and forage a life from the small pieces

  16. Is this the full method? No top cover and very wet bottom? Paper towels? Light or dark?

  17. I think it's your duty to point these things out. you owe it to yourself, yes, but you owe it to her lest she thinks there is some kind of normal behavior in cutting you down for having basic needs from a relationship you dedicated yourself to.

  18. Imma take this bitch home. Don't call me

  19. I wish car companies would stop designing cars to break down instead of this bullshit.

  20. The sad part is no one helps , Dog looking around for help, Nothing but humanity. Sorry, we have nothing to give.

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