1. My friend, obviously to people that are very sensitive, What you said would seem like an attack. What I took it as was a basic logical question.

  2. No one’s being sensitive lol, if ur gonna be offended by people asking questions you need help

  3. Funny because you were offended by that guys statement. Maybe reevaluate yourself a little bit and stop gaslighting. None of what I said to you was intended to be offensive, idk about the other person but again it seemed like a very neutral, logical statement.

  4. The RAM timings are terrible, but you shouldn’t see a discernible difference between dual and single channel. XMP if it isn’t enabled would help.

  5. Please stop. Everyone knows it’s not a huge difference in some games a lot of games, if you want to run them well, require dual channel configs, your system if you want it to run faster requires dual channel.

  6. OP didn't specifically list what issue they were having. They may also not have the OS installed on the SSD. Swapping to dual channel RAM is not the magic cure to everything that everyone keeps pimping it as. I have a couple devices running single channel and they perform tasks just fine.

  7. No but it is one of the single most important things to help performance… ONE of, not the, btw in case you misunderstand.

  8. Elden ring has no story mode whatsoever. Just run and find enemies and try to defeat them. Too over hyped imo. First time trying the series and was bored af with no direction to take me. Like where tf do I go in that game. lol at least red dead 2 had some quests and stuff like that and a dope story.

  9. That’s the whole point of the game, go where you can do what you can. And in all fairness the game literally points you to your first major dungeon…. Maybe your comprehension skills need some work?

  10. Meh it's just confusing af. At least Skyrim had an icon indicator of where to go to for your quest.

  11. I did also forget to mention the lights from the bonfires also show you the way to your objective , it’s one of the first things that gets mentioned when you finish or skip the tutorial.

  12. When Jules comes on it’s an immediate skip, because of the confusing androgynous look, the piercings and she can’t sing on top of that.

  13. Judging just by her interactions here I'd bet money she is horribly strict and aggressive. I'm sure those kids dont argue about anything with her. BECAUSE THEYRE IN FEAR. Thats not parenting it's abuse.

  14. People trying this and claiming it is faster are also closing the game to move the data. This clears the memory leak problem when restarting the game. The storage location has little to nothing to do with the temporarily better performance.

  15. Games will always run faster on internal storage, what are you talking about.

  16. avocating for punishments for someone's thoughts?

  17. Nope just advocating for the destruction of pedophiles.

  18. This... The game is good but you can't condone them launching such a glitchy mess, they make far too much money for this to look this way 😆

  19. I mean if you noticed the game looks really good inside building where not a lot happens or need to be rendered. It’s only in the overworld where it’s bad and understand my so. The switch is not a powerful system. The game plays worked docked and imo is how you know it’s a hardware issue.

  20. Theres also the toxic positivity posts that want to act like nothing is wrong at all performance wise. At this point, I feel like the people who like the game are disagreeing just to be spiteful

  21. The thing is you’re blaming GF for performance issues when they are clearly being held back by 6yr old underpowered hardware. Classic Nintendo.

  22. Yep this is how they function in every social media I happen to be on, a post saying how they like this or that about the game? Performance issues are so terrible which is why you shouldn't have bought this in the first place reeeeeeee

  23. Does GF ever do performance patches? I haven't played since SM, but this game would be so good if they could improve graphic performance (stuttering/frame drops) and player connection (raids)

  24. Why would you want a performance patch? The game is already the best Pokemon game what more do you people want?

  25. The better question is, can the performance be improved on the limited hardware of the switch?

  26. Bro this game is very clearly limited by hardware, and you can know by how it performs docked. It’s not GF fault that Nintendo refuses to develop more powerful hardware.

  27. I think my main disappointment stems from the fact that I bought Legends Arceus on Monday to catch up before the release and that game is beautiful compared to Scarlet. I know most of the graphics won't ever be improved for this game but I sincerely hope the frame rate issues are fixed asap.

  28. Scarlet and Violet is a huge step up from PLA. I believe the bad draw distance is a hardware limit rather than game freaks development.

  29. The game has great textures, but only up close, they need to fix the draw distance crap

  30. Bro why do you assume this is bad development rather than hardware limitations?

  31. This. While they just released gen 9, they’re working on gen 10 now, and probably polishing DLC content for gen 9 as well. They always work on the next gen while we’re just now getting this gen. Still, if Game Freak was given as much time as the BOTW team got, we’d have a much more polished game. But despite how much money the games make them, TPCi makes more off other merch, so they have to keep their schedule going and release games as quickly as they have been in order to keep their other merch on schedule. I just feel like they’re rolling in money enough that they can afford to slow down their other merch to give fans of the video games a better experience and delay the merch along with the games, or they can give us more spinoff games that aren’t as intensive and focus the merch on the content in those to give the main series games enough time in development.

  32. Why do you assume it’s development time and not hardware limitations?

  33. This mentality is exactly why we will never get a Pokémon game that runs and looks great.

  34. Well the hate comes from ignorant, entitled gamers. So yeah, how do you expect a Pokémon game on this grand a scale to run on 6yr old underpowered hardware? It’s gonna have some performance issues and graphic problems…..

  35. I’m enjoying the game immensely. Do hope with all negative feedback they actually listen and patch and game and do better next time.

  36. In my opinion this game is probably pushing the switch to its limits there a lot of stuff going on in this game compared to Arceus. It’s a much bigger game, more Pokémon, more moves, actual trainer battles, gym leaders more involved combat system ect ect. It does seem a little buggy so hopefully they can fix it with a patch down the road.

  37. I personally haven’t seen anything like that… but you gotta remember this game is probably pushing the switch to its limit and the graphics were the first things to get cut back on, or it really could be a buggy mess who knows?

  38. Tell me you’ve never touched a ps1 without telling my you’ve never touched a ps1……

  39. I did proc it A LOT. I figured if I had to be the tank, might as well be the most annoying one possible

  40. Not sure why you went electrocute. Phase rush is always better on ryze imo, but to your credit tanky ryze is stupid good. Lol

  41. I mean you can definitely build something better for 1k but for a prebuilt pc rx6600 msrp is ($400) ryzen 7 msrp, according to newegg sooo probably less irl is ($350) that's about $750 value in gpu,cpu alone depending on the brand of ram and ssd that's a value of $850 give or take

  42. Homie both the cpu and gpu on pcpartpicker are totaling around 500$ usd. You can buy better fucking prebuilts than trash ass Alienware lol. Please for the love of god stay away from dell and hp and Lenovo and every other shitty brand that uses proprietary parts.

  43. Not defending alien ware or anything HP and intel suck ass but new egg prices as I've stated and have a pretty good rep for customer service and replacements that and their warranty are good

  44. Also, the worst part is this is on sale….. nooooooooo way anything in there is worth 1730$ plus tax….

  45. Why did the picture get removed? I wanted to see what it was :X

  46. HDMI cables typically support lower bandwidth capabilities. Using a DisplayPort is the better alternative and very well might solve your issue.

  47. I have the same monitor and it definitely comes with a display port cable.

  48. I like the idea but a better one is lock team comps kinda like HoTs does so like, each player has to have one role on their team so you’re not facing a team of 3 enchanters a tank/bruiser and an ADC. OR do it exactly as HoTs does and match roles. So if one team didn’t get a tank or bruiser the other team doesn’t either, same with supp and adc, ect.

  49. Pretty dusty for never having been able to turn it on lol

  50. Those that yell the loudest about homosexuals tend to be closet homosexuals.

  51. So you have the brain power of an infantile chimp. Thank you for that.

  52. I mean I could also point to the fact that the only confirmed reports of voter fraud have been Trump voters... but Trump supports tend to froth at the mouth about deepstates or buttery males and frozen peaches, so I did the emotional appeal bit for your convenience to not scare you.

  53. no its not trolling. I play ARAM for fun but also to win. Even above 3k mmr i play stuff like ad leblanc for fun. If I could be punished for playing for fun in ARAM, that would be stupid

  54. It’s different when you CAN play and do stuff like that. The problem are the ppl who can’t play dumb builds and do them anyways cuz they saw dumb shit on YouTube

  55. That’s because league players in large part are dumb.

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