Russian invaders shooting civilians. Father was shot in front of his son's eyes. Ivankiv, Kyiv region.

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  1. Hopefully the media will stop saying teams lost to Fulham and instead state the fact Fulham beat the teams. Let’s shine the actual light on performances shall we media outlets? Go on. I know you can do it.

  2. Loving the style and results, detesting the media outlets claiming “embarrassing/humiliating defeat to Fulham” instead of the actual result of “outstanding victory for Fulham” semantics are a thing for me and the fact that if it’s on every popular lazy outlet gets me.

  3. Cue the “another three mediocre keepers, four right backs and a 154cm target man”

  4. Taking Mr Moukoko to PSV for 20something million, then RB Leipzig for 70ish, on to Benfica for 100+ then Real Madrid for 250. The man is a machine and followed me all over the continent without a second thought. Playing every game available. 3 successive UCL’s as a Benfica player followed by 4 at Real.

  5. Also Lethality or Concealment for Operative in PvE and PvP

  6. Burst all the way for pvp for me. I want to isolate and kill the opponent quickly, not drag it out or get involved in the mass brawl. My style of pvp play is very much objective based hence this preference

  7. Keep the faith. This is our best shot in how long? Let’s grab it by the proverbial and roar the whites on.

  8. Pallido is the walkout music, personally my favourite is bolero closing/closing bolero and I hope you mean that absolute monster of a piece of music.

  9. Yeah I knew someone would say “I know someone who rides all weather” but the fact is it’s not really any cheaper than a car. You’ve got all of the downsides of a bike and the only benefit being you can get through traffic I suppose.

  10. Motorbike commuter to London here. 80 miles per day total, motorway and city streets to Mayfair. On the motorway I’m doing probably 75 max, through the city anywhere between 20 and 45 being honest. The city is infuriating owing to the amount of people unable to keep a lane, use mirrors, indicate, and a myriad of other individual issues. It is imperative to my safety I speed every now and then to achieve a safe space from these people. On the motorway it’s a different matter. I’m cruising between 70-75 inside/middle lanes predominantly and loving the fact that those aggressive drivers. (Looking at you Audi, also weirdly Nissan dukes) can do as they please stacking the overtaking lane

  11. I’d be delighted with 15th. Finding 5 teams worse though. That’s tricky.

  12. For me, operative was/is best class, agreed weak at the beginning, but hang in there, it will get satisfying and fun. The big damage is later than 30 but it does get better

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised to see decent results against top eight. Big game mentality was obvious in that cup run. I hope it translates to the league.

  14. Team? Division? Club stature? Contract length? Wage? All contributing factors

  15. My players are playing in the 1. Bundesliga and have all a long contract. My Club stature is are 3 stars

  16. I would suggest, if you’re confident on a CL spot or EC in the next season for your team, to prioritise an effort in the current European competition to get the club name out there. That seems to me to be the best way for immediate improvements.

  17. Also, if they’re sick when you find them, it’s probably best to check their injury history if possible. They may be prone.

  18. Father to two mixed race boys here. There is no appropriate barbers close to where we live for my boys. We do a 60 mile round trip and throw in visits to friends when it’s time for the boys haircuts. No questions, no debates. It’s what they need and I fully agree that people who deal with Afro hair are the absolute best to cut it. As for the bonding thing? Please. What makes a haircut bonding time? Oh. Yes. NTA

  19. The first question should be why you would immediately go into the outside lane when there are no slower moving vehicles to overtake before returning to the correct driving lane.

  20. That hapoens when civil are want to fight and thriw Moltovs. Gov. Of ukraine make mistake in that matter.

  21. What a stupid comment. Absolutely ridiculous. Any patriot would repel invaders. Would you lie down and let people take over your house without a word?

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