1. Drink a bit less before you go to bed and learn not to get up for a piss. Doctors say you can train yourself not to get up during the night and that you won't piss yourself. Tried this and it worked for me, if I wake up and it's still dark I simply turn over and go back to sleep, never pissed the bed yet and I'm 60yrs old

  2. I'm more than happy with my Amazon Prime membership. TV, Movies, Music, Books, Magazines, and next day delivery on loads of orders. So much better value than Netflix

  3. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world so this is no surprise to me

  4. Tough lesson learnt. Too many people think that references will just be confirmation that you work somewhere, as where sometimes they will ask for feedback from companies about your performance, attendance record, etc.

  5. On the day hopefully nothing, but with the UK having one of the highest rates of divorce, you'll probably regret the money you wasted on your big day sometime in the future.

  6. Shouldn't that be Stabilised footage of a man in a gorilla suit lol

  7. I'd probably spend 10 minutes ranting about what a fuck up the human race is

  8. Used to like caramel until I hit 40, then it always put my teeth on edge, so haven't had it for years. I'm quite happy with a bit of vanilla ice cream or a magnum. But in all honesty I was never a big fan of desserts

  9. What do you mean what did I do! I drank something else and have never felt embarrassment that I don't drink tea or coffee.

  10. No they shouldn't. There's enough idiots on the road already. And even if the Government did step in, these kids wouldn't be able to afford the insurance the insurance companies would want.

  11. Well maybe I miswrote it there should be a minimum bar of so many hours but ultimately it would be the instructors choice if the instructor knows the student is a safe driver and will pass they should be able to use their disgression

  12. Trouble with that is the driving instructor could then be liable, so I suspect driving instructors would not be in favour of this

  13. It's changed a few times over the years. I always preferred cars with classic style rather than something that I find a bit vulgar like a Lamborghini, and to be honest super cars are just hard work. So dream car would either be an old classic like an Aston Martin DB5, or for a modern car a Porsche Boxster 4.0 GTS.

  14. You won't find anything like that in the UK because we generally don't sweeten our butters as much.

  15. When you hand in your notice, you are entitled to use any unused holidays you are entitled to as part of your notice period. So this will all depend on when your companies holiday year starts, as you probably won't have acquired enough leave to cover the 3 weeks leave, but that isn't a problem if you don't leave. However if you leave after your holiday and you still haven't acquired enough leave to cover that 3 weeks leave, they can deduct it from your final salary.

  16. That should be fine. 4 on the sides mean a Grade 4, scissors on top means they will probably ask you how much you want off the top

  17. I get mine from either Sainsbury's or Ebay, but if Ebay not from China. Order one of Ebay and if they are good stock up with some more

  18. Ask them how long it's for, it's that simple. Some people see a long weekend as either adding a Friday or Monday to it to make it a 3 day weekend, some choose to add another day to make it a 4 day weekend

  19. It's the new easy option. Back when I was a kid so many parents just sat their kids in front of the TV watching Disney videos over and over again, and hated taking them out shopping with them because the kids would be such a pain

  20. Spent 20yrs doing dead end job, factory work and taxi driver. Then got a job at Toyota working in the QC department, from that I moved into QC of a factory in Morocco producing for M&S, then another similar role in Egypt. Then ended back in the UK working for the prison service until I retired.

  21. The North. Yorkshire or Northumberland. Anything past Watford Gap just seems to get more unfriendly

  22. Seems to have plenty of good reviews here in the UK on Goggle, and a 3.8 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot

  23. Have you looked on the site to see if they ship overseas? As they may not as it could be very expensive for them shipping tablets into another country

  24. I remember when this festival used to be alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock. And now it has the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Lana Del Rey as headliners lol. No thanks

  25. They made Happy Valley 13 years after it had stopped and it was probably bigger.

  26. Sorry but you're a bit off with your 13yrs claim. Season one aired on the BBC in 2014, so 9yrs ago, season two aired on the BBC in 2016, so 7yrs ago.

  27. The whole world is going to pot. And the UK is over-crowded. If you have been gone a decade, in 2013 the UK population was 64 million, today it stand just under 69 million

  28. What do you expect, Starbucks are tax dodging America scum who don't care if the world burns as long as they are making money. If you really cared you wouldn't use them

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