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  1. The ebooks are still first, so this is a non-issue to me lol.

  2. Good luck man - I’ll give you this one tip: you’re going to get rejected. Don’t take it personal, don’t let it stop you… keep applying and keep searching until you find a fit that makes you money and makes you happy at the same time.

  3. "Go to Hooters with the boys, and while you're there - grab em by the pussy! The waitresses I mean, not your boys... anyway. They obviously want you to grab them by the pussy, otherwise why would they be giving you attention or working there?" - "Alpha Males"

  4. Can i ask where youre getting secret projects information? I dont understand how everyone always seems to find stuff so early, maybe im just out of the loop though

  5. There were preview chapters released for each Secret Project book, his comment stems from one of those

  6. Wait, there are? I kickedstarted them but have gotten no emails about them...instead, constant ads

  7. Ooo my boyfriend is currently reading the First Law! I'll have to check out both of those

  8. Oooh you’re a Dragonsteel and cosmere tattoo nerd like me! Let me see… there’s also:

  9. The answer is simple: when you can physically see a baby crowning as it exits her vagina. Otherwise that’s a no.

  10. I mean Sanderson confimed that [ROW spoilers]

  11. Mine is about 800. It just depends on your income and your bills. I’ve been poor enough that a $200/payment was huge but things change

  12. I don’t actually care about binnington one way or another anymore but I absolutely LOVE how triggered Reddit,

  13. Black people. Most of us prefer black as an adjective and not as a noun. I personally don't care, but it bothers me if someone ignores the wishes of black people when it comes to talking about us

  14. Thanks! When reading it I just didn’t register it like that … my family is all Jewish too and the “Jews” part didn’t register with me that way either… but when you say it out loud… ya… I get it now

  15. I think the connotation here is that with Jews and blacks it takes away their humanity. It "others" them. It's interesting to compare it to gay men in the first line. In this case they are not THE GAYS, but simply gay men. I don't think black folks get mad for being called black. We all got eyes. But here, their not black people or Jewish people. Instead just BLACKS & JEWS.

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