1. I'm still taking it and I still find it super helpful. Especially my social skills improved a lot, but as I said it also helps with anxiety and depersonalisation. It's not that I'm super uncreative right now, just not so incredibly unusual, strange and original in my thinking as before, and sometimes I miss that.

  2. That comment was not meant seriously :) I mostly feel and act like a grown-up but it's common for people with ADHD to have a child-like behaviour now and then. My cognitive abilities are arguably very good as I just finished my bachelor thesis in neuroscience on a difficult topic.

  3. I have not. And im not sure how that would help SZ

  4. Sorry to keep asking questions about this but it’s all very interesting and I’m trying to get a grasp on it- I know you mentioned that this works really well and you are able to do multiple things in succession. What does that entail like having a lot of thoughts and being able to “keep multiple tabs open” so to speak . Does it create any kind of good hypomanic euphoria? Do you feel it taps into you pre schizophrenia and overall even go further to treat anhedonia before any kind of diagnosis?

  5. I still struggle to do multiple tasks in succession but its certainly better. Some aspects are definetly prediagnosis levels but others are the same. I would say in terms of quality of life Roluperidone is the best. It allows me to feel pleasure a lot more.

  6. I’m also still so interested that you felt KARxt was only like Ritalin. They tout it as this incredible drug…I just don’t get it

  7. I have lots of money and can’t treat my anhedonia or haven’t been able too and tried everything. TMS, neurofeedback, antipsychotics. It’s just the reality of the situation. Psychiatry just isn’t advanced enough and anhedonia is just too complex

  8. Worth trying ketamine IV if haven’t

  9. Have done it- I felt it worked during session not really after which is what a majority of anhedonics say as well

  10. I get this too so heavily- childlike memories and thoughts. Why is this what chemical is being released? Does anyone know

  11. Hey Brocatojohn54, so you might like to know that at different periods I have been on two different SSRI drugs, Prozac and Zoloft (I also took something for ADD/ADHD when I was younger, but I don't know what it was, and perhaps I should try to find out). I had kind of a nice peaceful blunted-ness with them at times, but other times I had something that I want to describe as like a restless version of depression, so I stopped taking those. I had a psychiatrist fairly aggressively try to put me on something that sounded like a neuroleptic, but I didn't let that happen because I was confident that I could be chill if I just gave up alcohol. Giving up alcohol and running regularly have been the most important elements in controlling my mental health.

  12. So it's hard to say how quickly it happens, but if enough time goes by without me exercising it's like I have just invited something like anhedonia in, or something that I want to describe as agitated depression. Whatever that feeling is can stack up on itself and leave me with this sensation that a downward spiral is trying to grip me where I am at least a little bit more neglectful than I otherwise would be until I effortfully throw all of that off of me by getting good sleep followed by an intense workout. That workout acts as a very rewarding reset button and is also probably then followed by cleaning at least a few things to convince myself that my life is under control. Rinse and repeat.

  13. I remember the creativity. The young ness the motivation the passion the groundedness

  14. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and muscarine, which is found in the amanita muscaria mushroom (the red one with white flecks/'spots').

  15. Do you happen to know if these receptors are connected to the parasympathetic nervous system or the vagus nerve? Gut-brain axis type stuff?

  16. M1, one of the receptors affected by Karxt, is found throughout the parasympathetic nervous system, and it uses acetylcholine, but, to my limited knowledge, the activity on the parasympathetic is actually blocked by trospium, one of the components, so those are not the same receptors involved in Karxt's activity as regards its purported benefits for SZ.

  17. I just don’t understand (and I might be interpreting it incorrectly) but I don’t see how a pill could stimulate the vagus nerve. I can see how certain activities like exercise do it but I just don’t get it with meds

  18. So it kills your humanity but helps you get better? Sounds highly suspicious.

  19. I have used it many times in the past and sometimes still do. I confirm its effectiveness , and unluckily I confirm the raise in prolactin too. It’s worth a try, the raise is immediately reversible after you quit. Dosage should range from 12.5 to maximum 50mg.

  20. I Saw this, this is why I think something like KARXT might be beneficial for anhedonics in the future because it stimulates muscarinic receptors in the medial orbitofrontal cortex

  21. Can I ask where specifically you got your oxytocin nasal spray? Thank you

  22. I'm gathering you're not necessarily looking for advice here and I can imagine you've probably thought of dozens/hundreds of possible "if only"s/"solutions" which feel out of reach, not worth it, too much, or just not feasible.

  23. Can I ask what medications worked for you for your depression. Meds don’t seem to really do anything for me only exercise seems to work consistently. I have bipolar 2 psychotic features

  24. Did you have major depressive disorder or just anhedonia?

  25. Can you give us an update on how you are doing still with the TmS?

  26. What medications do you take? And what’s been the most helpful thing for you I have this as well so you suffer from Ipesity disturbances?

  27. I'm on wellbutrin and effexor and doing just fine. It has some bad side effects though.

  28. Read through some of your posts on here, we are very much alike, depersonalization scrolling the internet all day lying in bed. 12 years for me.

  29. Why aren’t you staying on the medication? They don’t work by taking them like that. They take a few weeks to build up on your system and take effect.

  30. Because to much Effexor is horrible and too much Wellbutrin is horrible so looking for an alternative all together

  31. Oh this is huge. Ipseity disturbance has been world defining.

  32. From someone on here who took it along with Roluperidone

  33. Following up, has it changed your life mate?

  34. We are in a similar boat. I did TMS and didn’t find it really worked maybe a tiny bit on depression but not anhedonia. I also exercise for my anhedonia and remember finding that it only really worked on the days I excersised. Maybe try neurofeedback? There are home systems you can buy like the neurooptimal system it’s expensive but I find worth it. have you found anything else that helps your anhedonia?

  35. How do you like it have you tried latuda is it compatible?

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