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  1. I know people are making jokes but this is unbelievably sad and contrary to what I think many on reddit believe this is the majority opinion in large parts of the world.

  2. Not really a fair comparison since Tate isn't an alleged pedophile (at least not yet), but I still can't believe the admiration Joe and his merry band of dipshits had for them when their entire persona was centered around bragging about being sex traffickers in a third world country .

  3. Am I the only one that just found out this guy hasn't even been charged with a crime, apparently in Romania they have preventative arrests and will keep someone in custody during the entire investigation period prior to being charged with anything?

  4. Your comment isn't unique but it's because the Romanian judicial system is different from the US judicial system

  5. It's weird to me that all the conspiracy theorists who never stop talking about Epstein's client list suddenly when Tate is arrested for the exact same crime instead of demanding to see his client list they say he needs to be freed.

  6. “Hey in exchange for us not bombing you guys you have to give us all of the land that you have left”

  7. I'm waiting for people to start demanding to see Andrew Tate's client list the way they do with Epstein

  8. I love Joe and the podcast but yeah, totally agree. Brutal listening to people worth more money than most people will earn in their entire lives talk about how “everyone has time” to do all of the bullshit they push as long as you make the time

  9. Reminds me of the time Joe was talking about mental wellness and what to do for depression and was saying he felt "mentally the best" when he was getting 4 hours of exercise every day during a sober October challenge he was doing

  10. I would be very surprised if Joe doesn't work well over 40 hours/week

  11. I would be very surprised if Joe has more free time than the average redditor

  12. Bigfeet know how to tell time. Incredible

  13. Pete on the left looks like Clark Duke

  14. A who's who of slighted used car salesmen looking for redemption.

  15. Remember when Crowder feuded with DailyWire and said he was going to start a new thing so he could promote young up and comers.

  16. The captions are not mine. They're actually pretty annoying but I saw the clip on twitter and thought it was worth sharing

  17. The famous Epstein client list, known for having all of the people I dislike on it.

  18. The way you know all the people who never shut up about Epstein are full of shit is those same people have been non stop defending Andrew Tate

  19. Yes. Punishment varies between muslim countries.

  20. Yeah, that totally justifies Israel's genocide campaign, huh

  21. The point is it's a weird thing to get so much focus from American liberals.

  22. That's hysterical. Now I have to look this up

  23. To be fair they do take up a lot of space

  24. Is this the guy that invented combs?

  25. Is Sneako attempting to transition into a lolcow intentionally? I cannot understand why he tweets the things he does. The controversy probably gives him some new viewers but It can’t Be that much.

  26. Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.

  27. This sub is really good. Great place for people to talk about somebody they don’t like. Maybe you all can rub your wieners together while you complain about a podcast you don’t have to listen to.

  28. I actually really like JRE and probably listen to at least half the episodes. I doubt you'll find any post I made bashing him.

  29. I'll say it again, but Joe is a California conservative. He's basically just conservative enough to vote republican, mostly because he doesn't like taxes and homeless people. And he loves the culture war.

  30. Americans ideas of left vs right like they're all binary is fucking stupid.

  31. Not trying to be rude bro, but if you can’t detect underlying themes that encompass most of the hot button topics between the left and right, you may just be less intelligent than most people

  32. It's actually incredible how bad it is.

  33. This is a list of people arrested last week for having sex with children. Almost all of them were youth pastors.

  34. Joe has told this story before. This was a random encounter where Joe was walking down the street in NYC and saw Dave filming.

  35. That's really funny. I assumed it was a man show bit

  36. It's a bad joke. He's obviously black. He just has tons of "Fuck You" money and a different attitude than when he was younger, less well off and maybe what you would call "hungrier". I hold no ill will towards him.

  37. Dave's last two specials were about how he can't be bigoted because he's black and black people have had it worse than trans so they should stop complaining.

  38. As an Egyptian American who works in tech the reason is religion not race.

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