1. This is really weird, like, it has so many details and looks so complete, but at the same time the proportions are all weird too.

  2. ... please let's not make Jodio into a Patrick Bateman, deal?

  3. Sorry, can't hear you over my machine male grindset

  4. I am both disappointed and relieved that this is being told to Joshu and not by Joshu.

  5. All of the Beautiful [something] OSTs are amazing. Scrap that, Danganronpa has great OST all around. Even if it's 90% samples

  6. Gehrman. I like the theory that he doesn't have any insight, so he's just stuck on this neverending dream, with no real company, for ever.

  7. Nah, that must be the hook from Halo. It'd be so cool if it had something to do with SoT tho...


  9. The Star Wars prequels. Found out about the massive hate back in 2015 when TFA was on its way to cinemas.

  10. As a huge Star Wars fan as a Kid, I feel your pain so fucking much. Here's to a bright prequel future

  11. News flash: you can like things that are shit, and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

  12. Um filme que consegue ser underrated e overrated ao mesmo tempo.

  13. I really like to think Annie made the female titan a persona so she could deal with all the shit they gotta do.

  14. Well... ok, whatever. I don't really care, you just have to go with the flow, dude. You do you, I do I, get some good vibes.

  15. I can 100% guarantee that it's illegal to win whenever the other player's theme is playing. Like, it's science, surely, probably, maybe.

  16. You need to take other perspectives into account lmao

  17. So the cost is roughly 25% of your weekly minimum wage. So pretty much the same cost in most countries if we are talking about weekly minimum wages then.

  18. Still stupidly overpriced for a game built in a F2P model, but it pays the devs and it's my opinion, so whatever you guys want to throw your cash at.

  19. Def. Rohan. Man has a kink for saying "I refuse!" To powerful assholes

  20. Reminds me of the DEEMO artstyle, and that's a huge compliment. Great art!

  21. I legit can't fight against Faust because his eerieness always gives me anxiety.

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