1. My cat loves pulling stickers off of things. I'm guessing we shouldn't ever get wallpaper.

  2. My egg donor threatened to leave my dad and take my sister if he didn’t let her have another baby..

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. NTA I think you’ll be better off in the long run without them in your life. I know it hurts, but sometimes it’s necessary to cut people out of your life, they did it for you. Don’t feel guilty. They did this to themselves.

  4. There is a local bookstore that covers some and just puts descriptive words on the outside so that’s all you have to make your choice. Pretty cool.

  5. Yea the crust used to go up the side. (Former employee)

  6. It's not the job that's bad. It's the dude. He probably treats other people like that whenever he can.

  7. It’s also the job. I’ve worked front desk, it’s high on the list of worst jobs I’ve ever had.

  8. It's also the owners/managers. A lot of times self owned places hire very untrained/overworked/poorly paid staff with little to no authority to do basically anything without approval.

  9. Yes. My particular hotel was owned by some of the cheapest people I have ever had the misfortune to work for. Also, absolutely didn’t care about employees at all. I made $10.50/hr at that job. Had I known how horrible it was, I would’ve worked at McDonald’s instead. However, the customers that I had to deal with are unparalleled with other retail/service jobs I’ve worked.

  10. ESH,Though you have no responsibility to financially support your family once you are older, it is clear that you have never done anything but make their life harder. I understand not having attention is hard, but it seems like you were also responsible for your lack of attention (ignoring letters, calls, a car ride).

  11. Must be huge corporate bakeries because that was definitely not the case for mine

  12. I have worked at many bakeries and this has never been a thing. We toss them if they’re bloody.

  13. NTA sounds like she just learned a lesson. Good job!

  14. Kid sounds depressed. OOP is probably one of those parents who think depression can be cured by thinking ‘happy thoughts’.

  15. Like my dad that said I should “just get over” my PTSD. 😒

  16. "You need more protein, have some peanut butter"

  17. I had a conversation once with a parent about me being tired in the evening and the first thing they said was “Really? When did you get up then?” in the most sarcastic tone ever. Well turns out I get up every day at 5:30am to go to work which is way earlier than this person does. But that of course can’t be because I’m cf and that basically equals being lazy with soooo much time on my hands… 🙄

  18. I’ve gotten that so many times. I’m a professional baker, my schedules have started from 3am to 5am. I love their face when they hear my answer though.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous, and she knows it! How could you possibly resist! 😻

  20. When I was in high school, my history teacher had us watch it. Awesome movie.

  21. Is that the old Weavervillie by Trinity Alps?

  22. Just got rear ended in Weaverville on Thursday 🙃

  23. NTA my sister is late for everything other than work. And that’s only because she got in trouble because of it. It’s infuriating. I’ve scolded her so many times to no avail. Unfortunately no one in my family ever really did anything about it. I honestly don’t understand how her friends put up with it. I do not. Perhaps if my parents had intervened like you are trying to do, she might not be that way.

  24. I suggested to a friend that perhaps it was natures way of saying that person shouldn’t reproduce if they weren’t able to do it naturally. She was very upset, practically offended. I personally don’t think I could get pregnant even if I had wanted to. Frankly, it’s for the best. I’ve had my tubes tied now, so it’s for sure.

  25. Absolutely. I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don’t trust anyone 100%. Most not at all.

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