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  1. SPACE.. these modern little cafes and coffee places.. I think their prime focus might be online orders.. but over decoration which leaves no space for more than 10 ppl or using seats which makes the place congested

  2. Leave the battery connected to the charger, their charging system has my 2012 MBP still at 88% capacity… always plugged in.

  3. I previously had 2012 MBP.. never replaced the batteries even after upgrading the ram

  4. Do you run it down below 20ish% often?

  5. Bro Pakistan ko gaaliya de.. works everytime.. msg kr Pakistan ke dhili choot saste me teen baar sadak pe leta ke

  6. Vro backchodi maach rhi hai andar hi andar 2 3 call Krne ka mann bahut kr rha hai xD

  7. Wow, touched some nerves. Be civil and have mature discussion.

  8. Bhai mujhe lgra h op yeh dance krne wala "ladka" he h.. reddit pe khud me memes dekh dekh ke pareshan tha toh badla le rha h

  9. Which specification would you suggest? I don’t want to save at the wrong end and buy the lowest specs but I also don’t want to spend unnecessarily much.

  10. M1 Pro/16GB RAM /512 GB 10C CPU 14C GPU will do u wonders.. if you needed more u would have known 14" MBP is beast of a machine you'll never regret this purchase.

  11. And the 32GB Ram will be so powerful that I don’t need to worry about anything anymore?

  12. Article ka link bhi dede fir m bhi kabhi kisi argument me aise facts choduga🗿

  13. Bhot tatti meme keval dahej wali baat op thi baki aise edit bana ke uski bhi maarli.. saachi bata insta se utha ke laya hna tu saale dalle

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