1. Would also like to add that I have brought the camera outside the car at night and pointed it at a light and it was completely normal so its not an issue with the camera, its the windshield but I cant fathom what it could possibly be

  2. There must be some sort of contaminant on the windshield, such as a thin film of oil or something else. Aftermarket tinting could also cause an effect like this.

  3. Spring training starts during the month that starts tomorrow.

  4. I went months without reading comments on a Twitter post. Now I feel unclean. That being said, looking forward to the Contreras era!

  5. The last I heard the initial trajectory will be sufficient for it to reenter the atmosphere off the coast of Hawaii with no other engine burns needed. If that flight plan has changed, it will be news to me.

  6. I was going to make a pedantic comment about reentry actually being quite a way from Hawaii but I’m not certain how aggressive the reentry profile will be. Do we have any information on how aggressively Starship will come down? I vaguely remember a 70 degree angle of attack but I don’t know where that will put the Karman line transition.

  7. The entry graphic in the briefing submitted to the FCC showed a pretty aggressive descent profile but it doesn't look like the most accurate of representations. You're probably right in that its entry interface will be quite a bit west of the islands.

  8. It's because the author isn't on their approved Tweeter list.

  9. What is your mortgage rate? If you have a low rate like 3% that’s terrible advise. You can get a return of 10-12% using ETF funds over 10-12 years.

  10. What about getting ahead of the mortgage's amortization schedule at an early stage (when the majority of your payment is interest alone)? Or would investing elsewhere still be better?

  11. You got downvoted and I don't know why. I know there is nostalgia with old cars, I feel it too but modern cars are just better, the machining is better, they're more dependable, and make more power with less displacement. Cars today aren't harder to work on they're just different, it's easier to just check my phone to see what codes my car is throwing vs feeler gauges and tailpipe timing.

  12. Thanks for the suggestion but sadly not 😞 the remote actually went in length ways!

  13. Whoa that's trippy lol. Hope you find what you're looking for.


  15. That's an important distinction because it's a call to let the crew know that the throttle up sequence had successfully been completed and that the vehicle's systems remain nominal, as ascent flight/launch director Jay Greene pointed out in the post-launch press conference the day after the accident:

  16. Not a stupid question at all. Yes, the remains of all seven were eventually recovered by US Navy divers.

  17. People act like this guy is carrying a bomb. There's what a few inches of snow on the roof. Big deal.

  18. The problem is it turns into a giant slab of ice after a few melt-refreeze cycles and then you end up with a scenario like this:

  19. oh captain our captain has to be the cheesiest line i've ever heard

  20. Giannis tweeted this last night so it might have something to do with it.

  21. I never noticed that feature on these before. Do they use it to inject foam into the cabin or something?

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