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  1. 37.5 to 40. Never over 40 I'm salary...

  2. I think a DNA test should be performed at birth 100% of the time. This should just be a part of giving birth.

  3. Ok yeah so preheat the pan in the oven about 5-10 minutes. Take it out. Brush in a healthy amount of butter, add the batter, back in the oven. And be careful!!

  4. You gotta slather that butter or crisco on it. Then put the batter in.

  5. Simple I want other programs to have access to RAM. If I run chrome it eats off of it and then some. I am forced to use chrome at work and I hate it.

  6. Agree sexbots have a very long way to go yet but once they nail that (no pun intended) it's going to be a massive game changer in society

  7. There is a person in Denver that is on the cutting edge of sex work.

  8. Wow thanks for that little nugget, next time I have a friend complaint about having to clean up a mess someone else made. I can share your link and say. "Could be worse you could be the clean up guy at that fine establishment"😁

  9. Incall and outcall just think of transporting a used sex doll back to hq to dejizz it.

  10. Oh it wouldn't be a complete week without seeing a Reddit argument over Chrome, Firefox, and edge.

  11. The only issue is that many people screw it up and it makes my eye twitch because I get angry.

  12. 3 or 4 rounds of interviews? What is this? I stop at 2. I had one place do 3 then was like we need to do 1 or 2 more. I turned that job down. If you can't figure out I would be a good employee in 2 interviews working for you is going to be hell because you will never want to make a decision.

  13. Screaming at my classic car for being a temperamental bitch.

  14. How many of our wildfires actually happen from shooting, though? Usually when I hear about the cause it ends up being either a cigarette butt or sparks from metal being dragged on roads.

  15. Moved here in 2019 and live in Golden Valley. I have heard of at least 3 fires started because some idiot and his buddy were shooting.

  16. Just go out to the Regional Shooting Facility. It's $9 a day per person. The benches are solid and it's safe and well taken care of.

  17. Sierra list Varget from 44.6 to 51.5 gr (2600 FPS to 2900 FPS) with a 150gr bullet.

  18. Well she started cheating on me about a month after we got married. She was hooking up with my best friend at the time. I had moved to Texas for military service and was having issues with getting paid( 6 months without a pay check) so I didn't have the money to bring her to Texas. Once she got there she continued to cheat on me this time it was with guys in my platoon and squad. So I was married to a wife who refused me sex but gave it to everyone else. What do you think I did.

  19. if you truly believe in n out fries are not some of the worst fries that have ever been released by a fast food chain, then your are hopeless

  20. I love fries and In and Out fries are so disgusting I will not eat them.

  21. They do a good job clearing it pretty good, I expect if it closes down (which it might not be) it should be fine to drive by Sunday. As bad as 80 can be, I would usually recommend 80 to any alternate root, it will be managed far better than most routs, though I’m not that familiar with highway 70

  22. I use 70 99% of the time when I travel to my parents down by Chico. You will get snow on 70 from Quincy to 395. From Quincy, down to is normally nice and clear. I will say you may want to avoid it this winter as there were some slides and the road was torn up badly in places. One-way traffic and no asphalt. 395 to Susanville is normally not too bad in the wintertime. They have done a lot of work on 36 (From Susanville to Red Bluff). Though there are a lot of parts that are in deep shade all winter long and can lead to black ice or just ice that's thick and slick on some corners. If you have proper winter tires and take it easy you should be good on any of the three unless it's really snowing.

  23. Fredonyer (just outside of Susanville) and Morgan Summit (the turnoff to Lassen Park can get pretty bad in winter.

  24. I forgot about Morgan summit. We did have an accident there during a snow storm when I was a kid. My mom slid off the road into the bank and broke the rack and pinion steering on her car.

  25. Just watched that trailer with all my coworkers and we are 100% all about this movie.

  26. Travel Trailers, Fifth wheels, motorhomes, Class A, B, C Super C and overhead campers are all RV's.

  27. Man that is NICE! Well earned I am sure, congrats.

  28. Remove some of his food and replace it with green beans.

  29. Why are you looking to leave your current employer?

  30. Good things come to those that wait. No dipshit good things come to those that go out and get them.

  31. My buddies wife and side chick figured it out and called me to look at something (he was deployed) and they were naked and DATY on the couch when I came into the apartment.

  32. Na everyone was banging everyone else except their spouse. I mean my wife at the time had been run through by like 98% of my platoon and half of first cav.

  33. Might not be a plenum space. Still, it's not great for signal.

  34. Never had an issue with APs sitting on the drop ceiling tiles. I just never have all the parts to properly mount them to the tiles. We had a guy who liked to organize shit. His idea was to not leave the APs in the box with all the mounting gear. It was to take them out of the box put all the APs in another box then put all the mounting plates in a box and screws then go in yet another box. Network cables go into yes you guessed it another box and the power injectors go into (On man you are batting 1000%) yet another box. Then he put the boxes in different areas of the office and never labels them.

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