1. Originally, the task of manning the wall was an honorable one, and the Night's Watch was comparable to the King's Guard. In modern history, as the dangers of the Lands of Always Winter have been forgotten, and as the wall's castles have fallen into ruin, fewer and fewer have chosen to pledge service, and so giving prisoners the choice to join as a way of recruitment became popular.

  2. I'd like to point out the those in the North, particularly the Starks, view posts at the wall as more honorable/important than anywhere else in the realm.

  3. Yes, the lords of the North, being particularly fixated on traditions and histories, still hold the Night's Watch in high regard. The fading memory of the Others and the distance separating Wildlings from the Southlands has led other kingdoms to disregard the Night's Watch but for it's use as a prison colony.

  4. I don't feel like anyone's talking about this, but assuming it's modern era (4e201), Skyrim is the best place to land for any one of us. Inherently, we understand the political and social climates, the major players, who to steer clear of, where we can get money, where the danger is, etc. The most recent knowledge we have of another province is Cyrodiil from 200 years ago.

  5. A dunmer because I couldn't for the life of me figure out the character creation controls, and dunmer preset one is what I got stuck on

  6. So, while it wouldn't be optimal given different casting modifiers, an abjuration wizard can make some really fun synergy happen, and wizard would give a lot of slots for smiting.

  7. Hit dice size should be based on race, not class.

  8. Hit dice should be based on background, and all of the features representing a race's culture should be moved to a background called "x culture upbringing"

  9. Background modified by class id say since a soldier wizard still shouldn’t have the same or more hit points than a cloistered scholar barbarian.

  10. I beg to differ, a chaotic, goblin energy within me loves the idea of a scholar-turned rage machine still being a glass canon, meanwhile the person with battlefield training and experience will always have that to rely on.

  11. I'll admit I was taken aback briefly by the look of a few actors and who they're meant to represent. Robert Aramayo looks like Hugo Weaving about as much as much as Alden Ehrenreich looks like Harrison Ford. But after a couple episodes and realizing that an actor is just a portrayal, I'm getting really into the show. I can see where you're coming from with the concept of awe-inspiring elves of the Second Age, but, to be frank, I don't think a show about elves who are even as awesome and mysterious as LotR elves, let alone doubly so, would succeed. The main movie elves were in human and unrelatable, and I think I could only stand so much of Galadriel making uncomfortable telekinetic eye contact before I just click away. I understand the belief that, in many ways, it's more of what some fans would want to see, but some fans watch hockey for the fights that break out, that doesn't mean it's what the game is trying to give you.

  12. I agree with you on experiencing life changing events in a small matter of time bit. Sure enough that can happen even to an elf. What was appalling to me was her character being that way after supposedly living through the first age. It can be argued that the first age has or has not left its mark on rop galadriel but the end effect on me as a viewer is very underwhelming.

  13. I'll need to rewatch the scene in question, but I wouldn't say that I've seen anything so far that I would have described as being "for laughs," let alone being played up for such. The tone of the show throughout has thusfar struck me as a serious drama with elements of suspense and action. Of course, none of it makes a lot of sense if you're not at least a little versed in lore, but still, I've not picked up on any comedy.

  14. That seems like a game mechanic to me, and I don't see how that's an argument that she's innocent

  15. If you disable NPCs within the game's console, they don't get urns. That only happens if the game registers them as dead. So the game sees Saadia as dead after completing the quest.

  16. There is also basic deduction which we can do, and I've already given the most valid arguments I can think of as to why Saadia is guilty. And as for Saadia being seen as dead after the quest being completed, how does that in any way indicate that she is innocent? She could very well be guilty and then be executed for her crimes, which is most likely what happened considering what she did was high treason. I don't think concrete evidence is necessary here, because everything points to the fact that she's guilty, and I've never heard a single argument as to why she could be innocent.

  17. In short, if the mercenaries were telling the truth she wouldn't be dead, at least not within the timescale of the game, since she'd need to be taken back to Hammerfell and there would be a trial, etc.

  18. My buddy is already talking about using Blackthorn Dalinar as Bladeguard Vets. Lol

  19. As far as I'm concerned, Vulkan and Taln are the same person.

  20. I so desperately want to sit down and convert Imperium forces to Stormlight forces. Primarchs to Heralds, Astartes Chapters to Knights Radiant, Ecclesiarchy to the Vorin Church (?), etc. It wouldn't be perfect, but I desire it. It is the crossover to end all crossovers

  21. The time of Titan saying "there is no queen of England" has come

  22. Personally, I use something I call "the spark of adventure." Throughout the many uses of the term "adventurer" in fantasy media, one thing is always true - an adventurer is more than just a man. Look at the Player's Handbook and how it describes classes:

  23. All due respect - the respect due is comparable to that of any other kind 96 year old woman - but fuck the monarchy.

  24. But I own it, it should be impossible for you to get!

  25. Yeah, but are you paying for NFT insurance? If not, it's practically just an unprotected image on the internet

  26. I believe Open Civil War lets you progress the war without having to do the battles yourself.

  27. Indeed, the true cause for the Jedi's downfall was a lack of magnificent beard culture

  28. Tried looking up and reading the article for context, I literally can't even figure out what it's trying to say.

  29. If you're willing to abide by some YA prose, and if you're not already familiar, there's always Rick Riordan. He has an extensive catalogue, but Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the og.

  30. I wish some more of the Vala had been referenced in the episode one intro. I was hyping myself up for a background image of Tulkas or Manwë during the war montage against Melkor.

  31. Morthal. I love the story the surrounds it, the air of superstition and mysticism. Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone is also probably my favorite Jarl in the game.

  32. Morthal is amazing. Wish you could marry Idgrods daughter but other than that it's beautiful. The mist coming from the swamps, vampires, Falion, perfect town

  33. Yeah that is the one major drawback - lack of marriage options, meaning you can't truly settle down there. As far as Idgrod the Younger, she's bugged as hell if you marry her via cheats/mods.

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