1. It's me, except I am alone and stationary at my desk and am the last one to leave the office for the day.

  2. As the late, great, George Carlin famously said back in the 90s about the baby boomers:

  3. I will always say goodbye to the 3 people in my department because we all share one small office. But I rarely say goodbye to the rest of the people in the building

  4. This may help you or may make it worse, but your problem is about visibility, not about cleanliness. What you see on the car floor is the same the ground outside is getting, spillage, dirt, trash, but outside does also get dog / cat pee and fesses, human spit / puke and so on. In fact, is outside way more dirty than inside, it is just not removed in the same way it does outside.

  5. You're gonna make that MFer never put their feet anywhere ever again

  6. Go to the store and buy yourself a floor mat, and take it with you everywhere. You can just be that one friend who takes a car floor mat with them everywhere they go.

  7. Here is why the answer is no: If someone gave you a handjob, you would not say that you fucked them.

  8. What if they had no assistance in that defense, they arranged to defend it themselves or paid to have it defended? This would allow for private property but would reduce the incentive to claim more land than you could afford to defend, allowing others more desirable land to live and build their housing on, rent-free.

  9. I don’t think the solution to the housing problem is private mercenary forces for landlords in lieu of police

  10. Head over to eBay and look for first editions, or any earlier edition

  11. The entire audience is going to look like Rick Harrison. No exceptions.

  12. When a little kid says "I didn't steal the cookie", that is the little shit that stole the cookie

  13. Get a new girl that's even hotter. I promise it works like a charm

  14. The GOP mantra: How can we be an asshole in this situation? What would be the meanest thing we could do?

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