1. Yeah don't drink the double IPA on tap at the bar that everyone is drinking bottles of bud light and you will prob be fine

  2. I went to a bar recently and bought the most generic craft IPA they had in a bottle .

  3. The safest bet, in my experience, is a green label sierra nevada pale ale. If they have a bell's two hearted that's the play, though.

  4. I want to say it was a Sweetwater 420 in a bar less than two miles from the brewery. But yeah, it was a well-recognized and regarded beer.

  5. A petty crime to which I have seen no evidence of. Perhaps there is a video out there, but I haven't seen it yet.

  6. Horrified by the video, and horrified I’m already seeing the “they were fired and arrested, what more do you want?” reaction

  7. 8 months??? Where is this training you speak of? For state police? It’s usually like 6-8 weeks for local deputies or municipal police.

  8. This is a very serious situation but can I just say "The city council voted 10-4" on a measure about police is genuinely a hilarious coincidence.

  9. it's not always necessary tho, if you plan accordingly. i go to bed with a lavalier mic on my head just in case a paunchy meth troll wants to bludgeon me in my sleep. that way my sound engineer can sweeten the ambient track on final mixdown when I send out my assault videos as xmas cards.

  10. Wasn’t a “brain train” an idea once? Connected Atlanta to Athens

  11. I believe it’s an old platform from the olympics but not really sure

  12. Thanks. It looked a little too expensive to be in that neighborhood, but things are looking up down there. I need to go to Halfway Crooks; maybe I can bring a popup tent and drink beer up on top of it.

  13. neighborhood that the city of atlanta and state decimated to built the olympic games but ofc you won’t talk about that bc it doesn’t fit the narrative u constructed. 🌚 y’all be dogwhistlin like crazy

  14. I graduated closing in on a decade ago from a graduate program at UGA, so YMMV.

  15. Depending on my mood or how I read my guests sometimes I say “It all sucks! That’s why it’s on my menu” “Most people like this, but I like that” “I don’t know what you like, what’s your palette?” “How stoned are you? Cause stoners really like A with B on top”

  16. The way they've worded it this contract is essentially "$850 a week salary with expected 50 hours a week, if employee works less than 50 hours then they are compensated less than 17 an hour (presumably) at $15.47 an hour"

  17. When they hired you did they tell you it was $17/hr? If so then this is basically them telling you that your pay is being cut down to 15.47. Which is BS but not necessarily illegal

  18. Average pay rate for average hours is $17. That's based on the assumption that you work 40 hours at $15 and 10 hours at $22.

  19. I'm anti mask mandate and anti burqa ban. Release the hate on me.

  20. Yeah the answer is to communicate assertively and set boundaries, then reevaluate the relationship if they won't respect your boundaries. Redditors will tend to upvote passive-aggressive tactics instead like it's some sort of game. I'd rather not play.

  21. I did a cursory search for an updated Asheville brewery list, and I found stuff a post from a year ago. Any new breweries to be on the look out for?

  22. They were down by the river last time I was there. Good beer and interesting location. Convenient to the White Duck.

  23. Look for the opportunity to see the synchronized fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  24. Well, appreciate your confidence for this build. :) I'm always been an unsure modeler.

  25. My point was that it can be done by insurers, if the government sets standards. Just another point towards national health care

  26. I don't disagree, but I've personally never qualified for Medicare - and the ACA plan that I had through the marketplace last year just tripled in price this year.

  27. Nah, just trying to show the inequity. ACA is a shitty compromise, and our government should do better. But there's money in it, so it will never happen. Listen to today's NYT podcast about not-for-profit hospitals to see how we are getting screwed.

  28. I grew up with a poinsettia that was 6 or 7 feet tall. I didn't realize they were Christmas flowers

  29. Actually, they are permitted, within the framework of the education mission. That's a distinction.

  30. you’d actually be in luck at our bar lol we use it for some drinks

  31. Retired people don't commute, they go places. We put ~12k per year on our car.

  32. I had a class once where my fellow student had access to recent tests. We all use the test as study guides except for one guy who really worked at them. When we took the final exam, it looked exactly like the exams we had studied from, which made it a lot easier. All except for the guy who studied so hard, he memorized the answers to the problems. He didn't realize that they were the same problems, but some of the numbers had changed. He wound up putting the answers to the old test instead of running the calculations to get the correct values for the new test.

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