1. Wierd. My goodwill has different sizes off and on. I waited till i found the right one. Maybe its just your store?

  2. No you didn't. You broke yours, went to the thrift shop hoping to find one, didn't, and are now trying to get internet points for thinking you have a good idea.

  3. Who breaks the glass tray? Also, if someone were to break the glass tray, why wouldn't they just contact the manufacturer for a replacement? If I were to break the glass try why would I think to look at a thrift shop for a replacement? If I were a thrift shop, why would I keep said glass tray so it can take up space and not throw it out?

  4. We used nail polish for easy ID, but there were also blood vessel patterns just under the skin that were very different.

  5. I think you mean dial-up tone, dial tones still exist and landlines still are in use in plenty of offices and apartment intercoms.

  6. My office, a Fortune 250, just got rid of all desk phones. Those days are coming to an end

  7. You wasted 7 hours and it would have come out fucking awesomer.

  8. ... what? You think I have a manual hand crank rotisserie smoker? You have no idea what you're talking about. It's apparent.

  9. Ohhhhhh.....I get it now. You just really like downvotes. My bad, carry on.

  10. I'm pretty sure those were you buy the Chromecast and the controller was free. They aren't refunding Chromecast,.and since the controller was free, there will be no refund for that.

  11. Because boys are supposed to pee standing up. Otherwise, the pee can/will spray out of the bowl. Girls pee down, boys pee sideways.

  12. I think society assumes all men pee standing up. So that’s just how it’s done. So as I potty trained my 3 boys, that’s what I taught them. As an older mom, and the boys are grown, I wonder why we did that. I don’t have a penis- so what do I know?

  13. It's not really an assumption. If you take the toilet out of the equation, saw for example, when out in the woods. Men naturally pee standing up. We don't squat down.

  14. Those are not by-laws. Those are rules and regulations. CC&RS generally allow for boards to create rules and regulations to clarify board scoping items in the CC&Rs. Typically something like "property should be maintained to community standards". Such rules and regulations only need a board majority vote, not a vote of the entire membership.

  15. I'm mostly impressed with the sex 3 weeks after having triplets.

  16. Yeah, it’s just interesting to see it at such a big park like universal.. they have hundreds of millions of dollars and still use raspberry pi for their displays. It’s kind of amusing

  17. Big companies get big by finding ways to make money, not spend money.

  18. Seems they all suck I have the same gripes I hear Home Assistant is the better option although a more complicated install

  19. Home Assistant isn't a voice controller. You would still need Google or Alexa speakers for voice control.

  20. Easy to be a pro when you can hire 20 people to follow you around and do whatever whenever.

  21. This poll is a great reminder that it's primarily pubescent teenage boys.

  22. Can't really agree. Both ecowitt / Ambient have working home assistant integrations. So when the data is there there is no difference for further automations.

  23. You don't need internet for Tempest. You can get weather data live via UDP messages broadcasted from the hub on your local network.

  24. Correct. I was talking about the API if you read closely.

  25. I saw what you referring to, but you were implying that Tempest isn't local, but it is. It has a cloud interface that you can access, but the same data (minus forecasts) is available locally too.

  26. I have 8 year old twins, my sister has 6 kids which include 3 year old twins. My parents, my wife's parents, my wife's sister and her family.... 22 people total.

  27. Actually, pubes are there to reduce friction between your your legs (and genitals too if you are a guy) whereas eyebrows reduce how much sweat and dust get in your eye

  28. If my pubes are there to reduce friction between my legs, then why are they mostly on my groin above my junk and not between my legs?

  29. Arm pit hair is there for lubrication, but groinal public hair is to trap semen and hold it close to the body during intercourse to increase chances that it'll get up in there and fertilize an egg.

  30. How did he cook that? It looks like it was boiled or microwaved or something.

  31. In my 40 years of Christmas tree hunting, when you find a good tree farm, it's only a matter of a couple of years before the word gets out and that farm goes to shit.

  32. How loosely do you define 'kid'? Because in year 11 of my high school so many people were doing it. They would be around 15-16 years old at the time.

  33. The Death Star was 3 dimentional. With a planet, only the surface can be used. The entirety of the Death Star was used, all the way to the core.

  34. Genuine question here then, if it reaches temp like mine did, do you just continue to smoke it?

  35. Those smaller cuts are just going to have that problem. You are correct, even lower temps would bring it to temp too soon.

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