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  1. Most of the critical feedback is coming from children with adhd though

  2. Most of the people defending this game you mean?

  3. yea it was a clever way to restrict ricks abilities while also making him still be a jerk even if he is self sabotaging

  4. I think it makes it more powerful with context too. Having this Ricks backstory really makes me care more about this specific grouping of the family. I know there’s infinite families for him but I like this one

  5. Lowkey I thought it was kinda cool to talk to your sleep self. Since our brain kinda processes and compresses information from the day, it’d be a real interesting way to see what is being retained and why lol

  6. This happens a lot in big nickel but since you ran man blitz, you’re a cheesing scum and this deserves to happen to you while EA gets NO attention for this awful coding

  7. Honestly this makes me happy . Anytime I see zero blitzers getting beat it's a win . 3rd and 18 and still calling man blitzes like that . I'm sure you did the previous 2 downs too.

  8. Oh yeah, because it’s SO much better to call zone and still get spec caught by Parham

  9. Okoye is sweet but I don’t think I can justify what that’s going to cost for my team.

  10. Think of it like this, he’s the 3rd best running back in the game and people will stop kicking it to your fullback on kickoff. Idk about you, but I know for a fact he’s gonna be worth the cost with how many kickoffs go to my FB lol

  11. It'd be cheaper to put a RB as your starting FB.

  12. It’s almost like we lost a Super Bowl as a direct result of people having film on us…

  13. Does Edge Protector actually work? Almost every year we never know how good o line abilities actually are.

  14. Won’t stop loops but absolutely bags edge threat sometimes

  15. A Proper MW2 Remastered, done properly would outsell any new Cod 10 to 1, Activision clearly doesn't want the money I guess

  16. No they didn’t, they tied it with the most hated Cod in history. Release an old cod (MW2 up to MW3) as a stand-alone it’s outselling any cod release now. The issue is…

  17. That card sucks but at least there is only a few specific decks capable of playing it.

  18. Imagine not having a normal summon above 1000 lmao. Inferior deck and duelist problems I suppose

  19. Fun fact: that's a real thing. Look up "hybrid vigor".

  20. Yeah the Chiefs with Big Red have been my second-favorite team the past few years. Always, always love Big Red and I was so happy he finally got his Super Bowl.

  21. Absolutely man, gotta support the Chiefs and Jags

  22. Not wrong about TCG but definitely about the variety part. I just want gems to build more decks for Diamond 1/Unlimited mode lol. All the variety will be here imo so I’m not worried about people who obviously only care about gems

  23. That’s the dumbest thing Konami has ever done and that’s saying a lot

  24. Zoodiacs is the most broken archetype ever released imo. I have no clue what the hell they were smoking while designing those cards. Imagine just how good they were on release

  25. The craziest thing is you aren’t over exaggerating. Zoodiacs (imo of course) are definitely the most broken archetype to ever exist in Yugioh. It’s just the sheer consistency of that deck and being able to squeeze SO much power off so little cards/effort.

  26. I have no complaints about sky strikers. Going against them i get my old school fix of having a back and forth.

  27. Because Sky Strikers are a big brain deck. You have to know your opponents deck just as well as yours. It’s truly a technical deck that can go toe to toe with any deck

  28. Without a doubt joining. Tbh I’m not even gonna play until things get better

  29. Tbh I haven’t logged in this week. I will tomorrow to liquidate my team though and just sit on the coins until shit gets better. Legit nothing to play for imo

  30. Those new young writers must really know what they’re doing. Every episode has delivered in its own way, but as far as batting averages go it isn’t in the clear yet. I honestly thought season 5 had a strong start between Nimbus and the decoy episodes, and a strong end with Rick+Birdpersons dream ep and the finale. We’ll see if they can keep up the momentum, as all three of these s6 outings so far have been on top form.

  31. Decoy episode was so weak to me. It’s actually worse the more you rewatch it imo.

  32. Maxx C challenge is fun when I know there’s nothing you can draw that can help you. Ash is OPT, you most likely have one Nibiru, and there are a lot of decks that can simply lock you from playing the game. Like, I’ve seen @Ignister players laugh as they summon their 6k Arrival and just say “No Kaijus?”

  33. Oh they're gonna be getting plenty of love in a bit

  34. Plant decks are the most hated archetype by Konami (Hated, not ignored or forgotten you Pyro/Repitle Madlads)

  35. And soon… Masterpeace will come off and I’ll show people a worse fate than Floodlich….

  36. I laughed harder than I should because that's how it looks on field

  37. You never saw this coming! I summon pot of greed to draw three additional cards from my deck!!

  38. The annoying things besides that deck full of floodgates is the user think they're in the same capacity with big brain deck so.. they angry when you said them brainless Their excuse be like : open a floodgate need thinking bro 🥴🥴

  39. Not a single Eldlich player thinks they’re superior because of floodgates, y’all just making this up lol.

  40. I may be brainless, but I just normal summon Aleister instead

  41. I play Eldlich so I’m brainless, but I also play Despia and Adventure Tenyi because people want me to play a “real” deck so I opted to play these better ones instead lol

  42. I'm confused....are....are the Vikings bad? I'm not used to this

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