1. Oakdale auto is terrible, just don’t go there. Anywhere else would be a great choice.

  2. Cheaters do it to get under the ground and glitch into you base to kill you or steal you items without even bothering to put the effort in to actually raid you! Probably my favourite thing this patch

  3. Sad day to see this finally go :( I used it lots to raid other cheaters base. Super easy glitch to do and I’m so surprised it took this long for the devs to find it.

  4. Yep, but its a super big pain in the ass. Better off finding an OW script with the bots already on it.

  5. I'd seen that, it only tells you how to install the client, not the server files.

  6. Try updating to cod4x(1.8)

  7. Sadly there is so many cheats now that have screenshot blockers, best way to get a cheater really is just being patient and getting a demo. If you got a name send it my way and I'll get him removed from some discords :)

  8. Just check out GT, loads of servers here. Might have to do some digging to find a regular core one.

  9. I'm a bit confused with this stuff. So I just got CoD4 on PC. I joined a server that updated the game to a 1.7 version. Now I see this. What version of this game should I be playing?

  10. Always the latest version, they are updated for a reason. Heres a link with all the versions:

  11. It's nice to see nVts taking lead on making these changelogs public to help keep the community intact.

  12. Loads of servers out there still active. Make sure you are on the latest version. Here are some helpful links that will make your day alot easier.

  13. Here's an invite to my clans discord. We are a super active group, COD4 based and recently trying to get back into scrims etc.

  14. This is like one of the only servers out there that does it, but join this.

  15. Sure can, if not heres a link to install the game from scratch without a cd key.

  16. If you dont want to join random discords, heres a link we setup on our site with all the updates/patches. Enjoy.

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