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  1. Having the exact same issue, tried to purchase multiple things, direct or through adding to cart. Nothing works for me yet.

  2. The main thing is, how do you design such glyphs so that new player and old players know what has been used by the warrior.

  3. Have a toggle, if you really want to make sure, have it off by default and let people turn on the 'cool glyphs' option.

  4. It also does not help that upon a win, they are usually overwhelmed and sometimes can't even speak yet alone sing.

  5. Quality or Quantity has not mattered for a while for some groups like BP, the songs will get lapped up and streamed to death just because it's them, no matter atrocious the music is.

  6. Oceania, for me. I hope DCC have an Australasian tour planned up in the future!

  7. This, lot of groups going on "World" tours but lot of places left out.

  8. I think OP has outed themselves as the problem…

  9. Even though it is casual I still want to play a semi proper game (don't want people afk, which afk on kick off especially at start of casual matches is a every second game occurrence), rampant with smurfs of high GC players with a tanks casual mmr to stomp people. Yeah so fun, I am the problem for not wanting to be in those games yep.

  10. Could I not say the same to people who don't want the occasional leaver? Don't like people leaving in casual, play ranked? Goes both ways honey.

  11. Not me re installing and trying everything when its not at my end.. an error message like this suggests something at my end not theirs..

  12. Bad game design, here in OCE because of the player pool you get SSL teams, like pro players vs mid champ teams. Best part is you don't get any rewards and they get free hand out SSL rewards for beating champ/gc/easy teams. I think rewards should go off the lowest team in the bracket. If there is only 2 SSL teams on that day then let them duke it out in a BO7. This is why I pretty much quit tournaments.

  13. I love people who use the nuke, I get into a comp match game is going pretty good, it’s about 3am and my room is pitch black, on the smallest rotational error and I’m flashbanged… gotta love it😂

  14. Right?! I don't know how anyone uses it or likes it. The concept of it is cool, my monitor going completely white is not.

  15. Maybe if the art team spent more time on the rewards and less on the cinematic we would get something worth a dam. Legit these wheels are on the level of someone's 4th day Blender project.

  16. Yep, devs don't give a toss about the game anymore, introduce features we don't need that come with infuriating bugs they won't fix/roll back. It's all about how to get more deals for more cosmetic mtx.

  17. Personally I think the play again button is not needed, given that it also introduced a bug making us not able to use the post game menu even more so. 1001 menu/ui optimizations that could be made but we got a buggy play again button.

  18. I get it for some movies, but the difference when it is an action or big blockbuster movie with really cool scenes, especially ones with amazing sound design and scores, watching them at home is cool and all but they are a different movie in cinemas.

  19. Big sadge in these results. Some are decent but, overall pretty meh result :(

  20. As an Australian I would like to throw our name in the hat for having it bad as well, not everyone in the US has good internet options but at least more than a small handful of people do.

  21. Love it, Pixy killing it once again! So excited for the rest of the songs.

  22. Sensing dark concepts. Something Pixy-like?

  23. Hope so, loved the darker stuff from Pixy.

  24. Have to disagree with those saying it was about promotions for it, if you follow pretty much any Loona anything on social media or in any discord to do with them or kpop you heard about the song. Essentially if you are an Orbit or really much at all into kpop chances are you knew about it.

  25. what do they mean sold out.. u can still buy it on amazon.. i bought one and an chance to do a fan meet thing! wish me luck.. not sure if it was worth the 40 dollars in shipping god dam

  26. Also depends where you are and buy from. Personally try to avoid buying from Amazon whenever possible in Australia, they don't stock much, prices are high and delivery times not the best.

  27. Well this is how Psyonix views things, and I agree.

  28. It's a bad take from them to be honest, the big rebuttal I have and reason the change should be reverted is there is MANY other things people do in most casual games that are just as impactful and should be classified the same way as they are also treating it as disposable.

  29. All of your points lead to leaving = bad for other people, and yet it's subjective from your point of view. Leaving is bad, but playing in a way that could be perceived at throwing is not? Is it casual or is it not? Either of these are equally as bad as each other but with the new system all issues are worse because you yourself cannot leave.

  30. As an OCE player who use to enjoy playing 3v3 tourney at 8pm most nights, who now misses most of them because they are at the ungodly times of 5pm and 6:30pm, also the 5pm one on weekends gets replace with a extra modes one because reasons.. I agree.

  31. As an Australian (3v tourney at 4:30pm and 6pm, and 2v tourney at 7:30pm) and also very active father of 2 young children, all I simply wish for is tournaments to be run later in the night.

  32. This, I despise the new tournament times, as someone who does not enjoy 2s much, them replacing the 8pm (AEST) 3s tourney with 2s and putting the 3s much earlier sucks. Makes no sense.

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