1. It had the same vibe as Fresh Off the Boat which makes sense since it was created by the same person. Just a goofy, fun, feel good kind of sitcom that was never meant to stick around too long although FOTB did last six seasons somehow.

  2. Yeah after season like 3-4 that show jumped the shark.

  3. This is the one week where she decides to check out an episode just to see what her husband likes about it.

  4. You'll be Jehovah's most secret witness.

  5. This December will be the December of our December.

  6. It's called "my followers turned against me" on his second channel

  7. Can we all just take the time to appreciate the genius of 2danny2furious?

  8. That's not been my experience most companies don't even seem to think it's worth it besides what's the worst case scenario if he tries and gets denied

  9. Well funny story about that. So what happens is they just start giving you money while they wait for the job to either approve the claim or contest it. And if the job does in fact contest it, they ask for their money back.

  10. I've literally never heard that. My father in law applied for unemployment for 3 months and didn't receive a cent until it was approved and then got back "pay". When I applied for unemployment, I also didn't get any money and my claim was denied.

  11. WrestleMania X-Seven, the first PPV I've seen and what not only make me a fan of Wrestling, but also it's my dream to not only be in that place, but also want to Participate

  12. I forgot all about this game. It was so much fun to play and the graphics were oddly realistic.

  13. I'm seriously debating changing my preorder from PS5 to Switch.

  14. If that works that would be SUCH a nostalgia hit. Gimme that sweet dopamine.

  15. Mateo was right this whole time. Who knew.

  16. What truly blew my mind was Donald is the same actor as Luther. I know different episodes but still.

  17. My fantasy booking has Hanger as the last line of defense to take the world championship off MJF at Revolution 2024, the night before his contract expires.


  19. We just were hazardous up here in NEPA yesterday and I was winded from a 10 min round trip walk outside.

  20. I'm unsure that the Gunns are fully in BCG yet. In my head, if they were, they'd've stuck around to celebrate and, like, put on shirts.

  21. Yup, I’m in Philly and the smoke is awful.

  22. NEPA and the air quality has been listed as "hazardous" yesterday it was just "unhealthy"

  23. I think it's a good idea and have considered bringing it up with the other mods after seeing a few of my other favourite subs saying they are going dark.

  24. I say don't. But I've never used anything but the official app so I don't really have a dog in the fight.

  25. Me and my son have talked about this alot. His work has more then earned it and proven he deserves it and I would actually love to see it but the problem is realistically I just dont buy him beating names like Mox, Hangman, Omega, Punk, Danielson or even MJF. Squeaking out a victory aginst Cole or Jericho yeah but that doesnt make for a great makn event belt holder. So yeah he can move up to the main event picture but I just dont see him ever getting the belt. Just my 2 cents

  26. That's nice that you talk with your son about wrestling. My dad is the one who instilled my wrestling fandom in me but I don't think he watches too much anymore. I try to talk to him about stuff going on and he doesn't seem to know.

  27. I'm still pissed my parents wouldn't let me get this t shirt in high school.

  28. I already knew what It said but I had to ask my non colorblind wife just to be sure.

  29. Nah I think everyone remembers maria but mike a lot of people I think do forget.

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