1. Oh that's beautiful, always loved this board! What's the typing experience like?

  2. in the sub's wiki there is a recommended sellers list, but with like dozens of stores... Is there like top 5 or top 10 most popular US ones to make it easier to me compare prices?

  3. A popular recommendation now is to check the vendor list for local sellers, might be worth checking anyone on here in the US:

  4. Don't have a good mic so I'm skeptical about making a sound test. But from my experience the plated part is very thocky while the plateless part is similar to any other plateless build

  5. Ah that's fair, thanks for sharing anyway it looks great! Been really interested in trying a wooden case recently!

  6. Looks great, bet it sounds incredible - did you happen to record a sound test?

  7. Looks beautiful, hope she likes it!

  8. Nice video! I've been kinda tempted to do a similar build with the DZ60 and wooden case so this was helpful!

  9. What are the best places to buy PBT keycaps online?

  10. You might want to start with the keyboard vendor list for vendors in your region:

  11. Looks beautiful! You mind sharing the specs?!

  12. Got yourself that laptop keyboard too in case you weren't already spoilt for choice ;) setup looks great!

  13. That's a funny way of spelling "excellent taste" ;) nice collection! Do you have a favourite/main board?

  14. Currently it’s the preonic with browns. I’ve gone down an ortho rabbit hole

  15. That's cool! I'm really interested in ortho atm, want to try a Miryoku layout for an upcoming build.

  16. Yeah I struggled to verbalise it (also I got the wrong key! Ha)

  17. Yes it would! One tiny nuisance I find from my use is that, to get backslash on a US board, you have to press RAlt+Backslash. If you get a QMK/Via compatible keyboard, you could probably just reprogram the key to do what you want, but I've just gotten used to that on mine - just thought I'd let you know!

  18. Cool thanks. Gonna be a lot easier to source an ansi keyboard at a decent price. I'll keep my eye out for qmk and have a look at that later. 👍

  19. You're welcome! I made the ANSI switch for keycap compatibility a while back and I actually prefer it (I find left shift and enter easier to reach now) but that's obviously preference.

  20. Thank you! Haven't had time to put together a proper sound test but the board itself is nice. My favorite part has to be the bezels and weight. Typing feel is comfortable, not my favorite sounding board but then again I just threw in some stock mx switches. I haven't been using it much given that I can't get used to split backspace. Here's a front pic

  21. Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing! I imagine split backspace would be weird to get used to, but I'd love to try it some time (and if I can do so on a keycult I'm winning in life lol)

  22. Thank you, appreciate the kind words. Don't worry too much about a KC, many great options out nowadays. You don't need a KC to win in life. As long as you're enjoying yourself in the hobby, then you're winning.

  23. That's true! I've managed like 7 months of the hobby without spending anything too ridiculous but I'm still so excited about keyboards, happy with the ones I've got, and just love engaging with the community - definitely feels like I'm winning

  24. Really wanna try a 40% keyboard. Sucks that they’re not easy to buy.

  25. Yk, I found this really helpful when looking for a first 40% - there are some very affordable in stock kits to get a taster if you're interested

  26. Next month... I start saving money next month... for sure...

  27. I mean when you put it like that... there's always the month after that

  28. Oh this sounds crisp, and that red is so good on that board! Love the build!!

  29. My first mechanical switch, so I love them in the nostalgic way that I loved my first car that leaked in the winter and rattled at 70mph

  30. How's everyone doing? Hope you're well. If not, my DMs are open. I'm clocked in with my mouse on the jiggler.

  31. Probably the best question I've seen on here in a while ;) this sticky is the place for answers so - I'm doing good, thank you for asking! How about you?!

  32. That's good, glad you're recovering! Thankfully I've never had to recover from surgery like that but I imagine a new obsession would be pretty helpful - and dang have you ever picked a good one ;)

  33. I thought that way the first time I listened to While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I had 2 revelations:

  34. What switches should I get for ducky one three mini I’m thinking of getting pre lubed durock POM (piano) switches I want it to sound rlly good like a good custom keyboard but I don’t want to spend too much money or time modding it

  35. If you're looking for a good custom keyboard sound, just changing the switches will give you disappointing results. Switches, especially linears, contribute very little to the board's sound.

  36. Glad you liked it! My first ever gig was Muse, and my first doom gig was Monolord - a bit after the last lockdown, everyone was just so happy to be there, the atmosphere was incredible!

  37. That's beautiful, the finish is incredible!

  38. Oh thanks for the suggestion! It recommended Nice Guys which was actually really high on my list, so it clearly works!

  39. At least it wasn't too expensive. I bought my mom a $300 espresso machine off Amazon and she used it fucking once.

  40. Oh jesus that's pretty rough, sorry to hear that - hope you managed to find a better home for it!

  41. See, i did the same but she loves it. Probably 75-90% of the time she's just making an espresso martini so it doesnt even need to make great coffee or real espresso, just "decent enough"

  42. That's fair, I'm glad she likes it! We don't use ours, but it was definitely a valuable learning moment for me as I now only buy things like that if it's actually going to improve what we can already make (although I am tempted to clean it out and see if I can make anything drinkable with it now I know more...)

  43. Beautiful cup, beautiful coffee - great photo!

  44. Oh I am very happy this exists - I shared a similar disappointment for the Planck case when I started to get interested in 40s. The idea and result are awesome, thanks for sharing!!

  45. I hear that people prefer harder material for linears (stainless steel, brass) because it "provides a solid and satisfying bottom-out." But I thought people avoided bottoming out on linears? And why is bouncier material (aluminum, PC) better for tactiles?

  46. Nope, I did mean PCB material because for some reason I thought there were various materials for PCB. I googled and it seems like it's mostly FR4. I don't know where I got that idea! I'll try out various plates to figure out what I like. Thanks for the reply!

  47. Ah, sorry for assuming! Yeah PCB material won't be a factor you'll ever worry about. Glad I could help, hope you find a config you like!

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