1. that’s what you get for having a 6 man squad in trios

  2. What if these are some "decoys" put out by the anti-cheat to see who locks and shoots em and they get kicked??

  3. Dude’s got a UAV up and you can see the ping of the dude in the corner on the mini map.

  4. Am I the only one that likes the mode? The times we get 5-6 players, we always make it to the end game, and win quite a few of them. I enjoy it.

  5. Me too dude. I really enjoy this mode. But as you see there’s a ton of people who are losers and would rather get an extra kill by lying to you then getting a win. COD community is sadly a split of 80% CDL wannabes who think Optic scouts are watching their 3 kill games so they have to sweat and lie for an extra kill to get scouted, and 20% chill dudes who hop on and wanna have fun and talk to the homies. “I don’t want to team” is such a stupid excuse. That’s totally fine, just say so then??? Don’t act like you want to just to get a free kill, no one’s impressed by that lol. Or grab one more and play Quads???

  6. Can't console players turn off voice chat like PC? Or can't you guys just chat in a Playstation/Xbox party instead of using proximity?

  7. It’s not about that dude. The point of my post was that PC can so easily cheese proximity chat to kind of cheat the system. We can certainly turn off proximity chat or go into a party chat, but we can’t hear the enemy team anymore. While PC CAN hear the enemy team and chat without being heard. I’m definitely not trying to recreate this for my benefit, just silly how PC can do it so easy.

  8. Please downvote my comment more even though you’re wrong 😂 Find me push-to-talk on console on controller, since you seem to think it exists. I’ll wait.

  9. I saw that they are adding a feature where the top 3 on the team can vote to kick people not playing the objective. Honestly, I love it.


  11. Would you be able to help me? I just finished a game where my random teammate got it with a bit of teamwork. I send a message if he was willing to drop it for me next match, but no answer :(

  12. Can confirm this works. Me and my friends killed the chemist once and just used our insured slot to drop the m13 to each other.

  13. saw some comments saying you cant drop it and exfil with it anymore, havnt tested myself

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