He will remember this for the rest of his life. (fetched from: @biphakathi)

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When laughter meets percussion

  1. I’m getting 2 worth the risk after the E9 F’up

  2. Definitely get two of these, but don’t count that E9 out just yet.

  3. So with your 5 L7’s you’re mining $50K a day (BTC is around $20K currently)? Sure thing buddy, misery loves company I guess 🙄

  4. Good catch and well deserved flogging .. 2.5 LTC per day 😂…. Would only be like .0065 BTC per day

  5. Lol thanks I had no idea I put in BTC … I was using a mining pool with 1 E9.. and was pulling 1% per day BTC and then after the merge it went down 95% as everyone flooded ETC

  6. Shits Crazy.. in TEXAS where Everything is bigger we have BUGS the size of babies…. Just kidding we don’t but that’s crazy

  7. 8 Rand is like .45 in the US.. 1000 rand is like 55.00

  8. Y’all need to move to Houston Texas .. most like 90% of the city is safe

  9. Now the price needs to stop going down and hit $65+. Still showing most gpu mining would cost more than it pays back. Difficulty was in the 280-350s for most of the year, coming down to 2000 isn't all that much better.

  10. I’m marginally profitable at these levels at like 2.35 per 11,000 machine ( now 8,000) but headed the right was .. was as low as .62 on my 2 E9’s now like 4.70 between the two .. hope in the next 30 days it get down to 1.5 P or lower

  11. I like Vitalik as much as razor blades in my apples

  12. Buy a Bitmain E9 hook it up to poolin and hope the difficulty drops as GPU miners flee .. currently an 8,000 dollar machine will only bring in .25 to .30 ETH PER DAY .. on second hand might want to just buy the token/coin

  13. ARRANGED MARRIAGE for sure .. she looks like she does not want to be there

  14. That’s a 9300 model.. I got 7 burning 24/7 .. lol but I did buy 2 E9’s .. fair market on a used 9300 is about 10k .. I can get new for 11299 from BT-Miners

  15. Yeah it's labeled 9050, but it averages 9300 - 9400mh , I'm looking to let it go for about 11k, does bt-miners waive import tarrifs?

  16. I’m in Texas they charge the price on the website and take care of the tariff .. paid 13500 45 days ago for 2 L7 9050 .. they have new for 11299 currently

  17. ~13 KDA per day at current difficult levels. Expect it to fall more when the KA3s get shipped out in Dec.

  18. Thanks that’s what I’m thinking.. I jump on L7’s too early and I have a couple of Boat Anchors or E9’s I’m trying to Gauge what the KA3’s will realistically yield. At 13 per day would be roughly 53 KA3.. so I’m estimating worst case scenario 1/2 of that ? Still like 27.00 a day.. at 6600 a pop is a good deal ( or so it seems currently).. thank you

  19. Let’s just take Jackson Palmer out of the DOGE history… he’s such a bitch

  20. Looks like beetle juices head after the witch doctor put dust on him

  21. I would move (if that’s an option). One of my neighbors got bats and it cost him over 10k to have someone come out to get the out. I’m only assuming it would cost an apartment complex well over 100k .. the easiest solution is to put exterior perimeter lights around the structure and they will not return

  22. You can probably sell that on EBay for a good amount to a coke collector.. like a double stamped penny

  23. No way Vitalik ruined the whole currency by going proof of stake. He failed to realize that he alienated the original core of supporters that made it successful

  24. You’re in Europe and you see your wealth bleeding away so you jump into BTC

  25. They are like OOPS you caught us “ We ain’t trying if we’re not lying “ could always be used as a boat anchor..

  26. For as smart as he seems he’s 100% ignorant what miners bring to the table .. read Charlie Lee’s last Twitter update on LTC

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