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  1. Your use of words are fucking hilarious, these stories are golden..

  2. but the girl posted on her instagram afterwards and talk about how kai isnt a articulate so idk he never has a bad reputation with any girl so idk. just seem like a reach to say that.

  3. ''. It will definitely set our FIRE goals back by decades. Now I know the decision to have children shouldn’t be about money but it does and should come into consideration. My partner and I also love to travel and enjoy our freedoms plus we also feel having children will limit us on how well we can perform within our business together.''

  4. Something with them stats not adding up right esp your macros lmao

  5. I imported a witcher 2 save? Was that a setting I selected in the beginning of the game by mistake?

  6. Yeah bud, when you usually choose the difficulty at the beginning title screen of the game, it says if you want to import witcher 2 save (lore) into your playthrough

  7. darn I must have not understood what it meant when I did that oops will a ton of questions where I just have to answer unknowingly pop up throughout the game or is this one of the only instances in the game where it happens?

  8. Yeah mate pretty much, there's gonna be alot of lore from witcher 2 and scenarios that you'll need to answer. Just protip; say letho lives for a quest

  9. According to a post I saw before, some bloke in a red t-shirt in the market square of Oxenfurt

  10. Put them both in a coliseum against a lion each and let the lion(s) decide who wore it better

  11. Nowadays, kings cross is barely harmful at all so you will be fine especially with all the strict liquor laws enacted in nightclubs and pubs

  12. Cute little redback spider, don't even worry about it. Just try to move it off with something, you're in Sydney lmao, just wait till you face off with a Sydney funnel-web

  13. Single mother of 6 with another on the way

  14. You're blaming that on 'kids are expensive'?

  15. Bloke did a fantastic job at disabling the assailants and I see he has some level of training but I want to know was he a police officer or just a civilian with a firearm?

  16. I'd honestly love to see the statistics on this one

  17. The whole atmosphere of the 'gym culture' in todays society is fucking pathetic

  18. Definitely hang around and give inspiration to anyone facing the same struggles you did. Well done though OP, that's honestly an awesome feat..

  19. Don't buy the Stoeger, it'll be a waste of money IMHO!!!!!

  20. I pretty much already bought it bud, I had a chat with a few blokes at the range and they all had differed opinions. I bought it for like $640 on lay-by till I get my second PTA approved and sent over to my residence.. I just quite liked the hand feel of it but then he showed me the canik and walther and I wish I could've reverted my decision but it wasn't in the cards.

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