1. Honestly it wasn’t that bad, I just couldn’t speed up the time and it was fine!

  2. Lots of people are experiencing this, it appears to be a bug. They’re looking into it.

  3. Yeah they will have to it's unplayable in this state, I cleared cache and rebuilt the PS5 database yesterday just incase but that didn't do anything it's just the game it needs optimising properly.

  4. Interesting. I loaded one of my builds on PS5 last night and it had the same effect as yours for the first 5 min. I just paused the game for a minute then hit play. Try that it should work just need to buffer out or whatever

  5. From the info I know. They chose not to spend money on asking paleontologists for dinosaur design. So they go with the fossil record is not complete. These dinos would never be discovered due to the area was severely affected by the meteorite crash.

  6. With that said there was one very accurate prehistoric creature doing very plausible thing.

  7. Yup it's insane on PS5, dissapointing, I've only tested one map and it's unplayable, needed to be optimised a few updates back especially to prepare for new content added constantly, VRR support would help abit aswell but it's not a fix alone, it needs both optimisation and VRR for it to be better.

  8. Unless there is a must have dino in a potential CC dlc. I will pass on it. But if everyone wants it that’s ok with me

  9. I take it back. If frontier keeps implementing our recommendations in free updates I will gladly support them with a dlc purchase.

  10. Cool suggestion! I’ve also noticed fliers out of the aviary can hunt other dinos but never scavenge a carcass like the land carnivores in the game. Even if it is right next to them. I think that would be a nice behaviour to include for them too

  11. I would highly recommend. Johnson Seed company. Maybe try some prairie mix or butterfly mix

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this already a thing. For example if you play challenge mode, there are scenarios where you can get a intelligent dino that does result in them attempting escape more often.

  13. The comment is asking to bring it to sandbox mode, it’s only in challenge mode right now

  14. Watch YouTube channel EvoSquare. She has great tips to help and also use your imagination. I build things the game does not have in place. Like a educational circle area where it could be a speaker talk or a petting zoo with possibly non aggressive Dino’s. I’m working on next is a safari area. Herbs with carnivores in the same area kind of. My secret is invisible fence to make it look like the carnivores could hunt. But they could be allowed some hunting if I want.

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