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  1. Get on my knees and start pleasing Jesus

  2. Then come over and do something about it

  3. They’re only just running out now? I thought they had been out since the early to mid 2000s.

  4. PETA has always been more of a meme than a legitimate cause if you ask me.

  5. I mean they support domestic terrorists so like

  6. How is this possible after going to school. It's scary. What are they teaching?

  7. They teach everything, I just think some people don't pay attention

  8. Agreed. And there’s been times where I didn’t realize it was him cuz he was playing character so well

  9. Agreed. But I think the face makeup also contributed to that

  10. im sorry i can't tell if you're being sarcastic

  11. We learned that shit in fucking 9th fucking grade for a semester. Most embarrassing shit when you’re trying to flirt with a guy you like and you’re having to fucking dosey doe. Southern Indiana 2009

  12. I'm from Minnesota and we did that shit

  13. Your Tuan Tuan will freeze before you reach the first marker!

  14. I’ve always said Obi-wan was a borderline alcoholic, what’s the first thing he does in attack of the clones when they chase that assassin into the bar? He goes to get a drink. Where does Obi-wan seem to know they can find a good space pilot and also seems to know his way around in? The Mos Eisley Cantina

  15. Oh, I've been to the torture museum. It's really fun if you're ever visiting Chicago.

  16. Its not that simple. The president is responsible for all the good things if I like them. If I don't like the president they are responsible for all the bad stuff. Its called nuance sweaty.

  17. As of a week ago he uploaded and commented on one of his posts on FA

  18. This is the kind of stuff we need to protest about

  19. It is annoying that it’s kinda just turning into another

  20. Ah but it's relatable because the ice cream machine is always broken :(

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