1. I mean it’s fitting honestly. The company tossed out his values and beliefs years ago.

  2. That’s the best looking chick fil a salad I’ve ever seen! 😂

  3. Harry Dunning. No matter how history got changed, that guy’s life was f’d

  4. He had bad luck in every single timeline didn’t he? Poor Harry…

  5. I would erase it from existence. That would be an excellent start.

  6. The OG is in 1980 and I’m pretty sure 2009 is set in the 2000s. It makes most sense to come between maybe part 1 and 2 or 2 and 3. But the timeline says it should be after FVJ and JGTH, but before Jason X so idrk

  7. I mean Trent is ridin deep in that Escalade so yeah, pretty much has to be 00s/10s 😂

  8. I saw 2 on opening night in November of ‘89. It absolutely had the trailer for 3 that night.

  9. Final Chapter stomps a mud hole in it and walks it dry.

  10. “We’ve all been here before. This thing is bigger than pro football.”

  11. Final Chapter. It was the best sequel and also the last one that truly took itself and Jason seriously.

  12. The first image is so weird it literally looks like they dug up some dead person and took a photo with it

  13. Some people have a strange idea of entertainment.

  14. i have two pairs of boots that have been resoled and they failed…customer service wont do a thing…offered me 75.00 towards purchase of new boots…over 25 years wearing redwings including my father and brother plus freinds i have got to buy…literally have 10 pairs….will never buy another pair….all these companies want to modernize their brand and throw away their core customer for the people who are gojng to brunch…fuk redwings

  15. If you hate the brand that much then why are you still here?

  16. So in my mind the timeline goes like this: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 (seems like a Tommy spinoff) part 6 part 7 end. Remake timeline: 09 remake FvJ (09 Jason dies but comes back as a zombie in FvJ)

  17. No No i think that the Jason in FvJ is a zombified version of the 2009 human one like FvJ is set after like 7 5-ish years after the remake

  18. This makes no sense as FvJ came out 6 years prior and Jason was still alive and human at the end of the remake.

  19. Yeah if he doesn’t want to “play the game” then don’t. Take the better offer and don’t look back.

  20. I’ve been through the books twice, love them. I had to turn the movie off. It’s a total abomination.

  21. John Carl Buechler had a much better film on his hands before the MPAA got a hold of it. Mr. Shepard was supposed to rise from the lake bed as a rotting revenant to drag Jason back down but they were forced to tone that down. I wish we the fans could have seen this movie as the director actually envisioned it.

  22. 9 and X are the worst of the worst. No offense!

  23. "Hey it's not Lady thor it's just Mighty Thor and if you can't call me that then call me Dr. Jane Foster"

  24. I thought she said “it’s Mighty Thor…”

  25. What Walmart says and what Walmart does are definitely two different things I just laugh at most of the PR stuff they come up with because it’s Usually never true

  26. When I started back in ‘97 there were things in the training like “If the customer has a return and you know it’s from a competitor then smile and give them their money back anyway. It’s what Sam Walton would have done.” I learned really quickly that what they say and what they actually do are often miles apart.

  27. No I’m saying I think the only way to acquire it is to make the sacrifice yourself therefore he couldn’t use a proxy.

  28. The proxy would acquire real stone, then Thanos could take it by threat of force.

  29. See it makes me wonder now. That’s a valid point about Tony getting it (actually Bruce, then Tony) from Hawkeye. But if Thanos could have used a proxy then why not? He had lots of henchman who could have acquired it for him. Now I’m sitting over here pondering… 😂

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